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Why choose Independent Living for Seniors ?

Autonomie des personnes âgées
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Independent Living for Seniors : why choose this lifestyle ?

Staying autonomous for as long as possible is important for many older adults. That’s why independent living for seniors is a way of life to be considered. As many retirees make the choice to continue living at home, there may come a time when daily activities become more difficult. 

If you notice that an elderly relative is beginning to show signs of decreasing autonomy, experiencing difficulties with daily housekeeping tasks, is running out of energy for property maintenance, or has a higher risk of falling at home, it is interesting to know that one solution may be considered :  independent living for seniors.

What is Independent Living for seniors ?

By definition, this way of living for seniors focuses on the autonomy of the person. As an alternative to more traditional senior residences, independent living for the elderly means you can have access to some assistance, such as home care services, to improve the quality of life of the senior, while maintaining an active lifestyle

These facilities exist in different models, from apartments to community housing. In all cases, maintenance services and housekeeping are included to simplify daily life, allowing seniors more time for recreational activities, for example. Those homes are also usually designed to be more convivial and accessible.

Who can benefit from independent living for seniors ?

In order to take full advantage of the facilities offering independent living for seniors, residents should have a good general health condition. Because there is no medical services included, independent living for seniors is intended for seniors who do not have any serious health problems or chronic conditions that require special attention. 

If the health condition of your elderly relative requires a little more care on a daily basis, it may be possible to consider the option of assisted living residence. Alternatively, it may also be a good solution to take advantage of the various home care services that can be offered, in the comfort of an independent living residence. For all those options, the goal is the same : to ensure the optimal well-being of each senior

What are the benefits of independent living ?

By choosing independent living, seniors also decide to adopt a lifestyle. With independent residences, they have the option to benefit from many advantages in everyday life. Here are three of the main benefits associated with choosing an independent living residence for seniors. 

1. Enjoy an active retirement

For seniors wishing to maintain an active lifestyle in retirement, independent living is an ideal alternative. In an environment adapted to each person’s needs, every senior has the freedom to select the hobbies and activities in order to fully enjoy retirement in complete autonomy

Activities offered by each facility may vary from one to another :

  • fitness center / gym ;
  • swimming pool / spa ;
  • tennis courts / golf ;
  • community activities ;
  • and much more !

With so many options to choose from, it is recommended to take the time to have some discussions with your family and close relatives to determine which independent living facility best suits your needs, or the one of your elderly loved one. If you need professional advice on how to choose the best seniors’ residence, Visavie can help guide you through this important transition in a caring and compassionate approach.

2. Take advantage of assistance services for daily tasks

Regardless of a person’s age, home maintenance and accumulations of household duties can become overwhelming on a daily basis. To avoid this problem, independent living for seniors provides assistance services with day-to-day tasks. This is then a great opportunity for independent seniors to focus on what is more important, and to have more time to do activities that they really enjoy, based on their main interests.

3. Preventing loneliness and social isolation for seniors

Social isolation among seniors is unfortunately a reality. Thankfully, there are also some solutions to reduce the risks associated with this problem. By offering a stimulating living environment, independent seniors’ residences represent an excellent way to prevent feelings of loneliness affecting a portion of the senior population. Social activities, entertainment, social support, and exchanges with others, the environment of independent living is favorable to live good moments in community.

How to choose an independent living facility for seniors ?

In order to choose the best independent living facility for seniors, there are several factors to consider. Here are some of those aspects : 

  • Analyze your actual needs, or the ones of your elderly loved one ;
  • Identify the most important services and amenities you are looking for ;
  • Take the time to visit various independent living residences for seniors in order to choose the most adapted one ;
  • Consider also the future needs and compare alternatives.

As you search for the ideal independent living home for seniors, do not hesitate to take advantage of the valuable advice and assistance of experienced counselors. For all seniors, family and caregivers, Visavie offers full and free support, 24/7 to help you in this transition.

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