Emergency placement in a seniors' residence

What type of retirement home should I choose?

Quel type de résidence pour personne âgée choisir

Choosing a retirement home is a pivotal step that can be long and complicated if you or a loved one is not well informed.

There are several criteria that allow us to distinguish residences for seniors such as: their geographical area, their environment, the services offered, the security but especially the type of housing.

In the eyes of the residences, the autonomy of a person will be evaluated by his capacity to be mobile, without assistance to carry out daily tasks. Discover the different types of residences for seniors.

The residences for autonomous seniors are essentially for autonomous people in full possession of their physical and psychological means. These residences are often places where the elderly can follow fun and adapted activities, while maintaining social relations with other retirees.

Residences for semi-autonomous seniors are designed for people who require light assistance (between 1 and 2 hours per day) in carrying out certain tasks of daily life, such as maintenance or transportation.

The residences for people with loss of autonomy and the CHSLDs are intended for people whose physical and psychological autonomy is insufficient to live in their usual environment. The care and support provided to these people often exceeds 3 hours per day and requires qualified medical personnel.

If you or your loved one is autonomous, semi-autonomous or in loss of autonomy, different types of residences will be able to meet your needs with the appropriate services. Don’t take the risk of making the wrong choice and eliminate all risk of error by entrusting the search for your residence to a Visavie counsellor… it’s free!

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