What type of Senior Residence are you looking for?

Analysis of your needs to live well in seniors’ residences

While each step is equally important, it would be impossible to go any further without this first step. The first step is to answer the crucial question: What type of Senior Residence are you looking for? A good analysis of your needs in the search for your retirement home will indeed help guide the rest of the process in the right direction. This will ultimately help you choose the ideal senior residence for you. It is therefore essential to take the time to do so. More concretely, an initial meeting will be scheduled with one of our residence research advisors. During this meeting, we will examine your situation with you.


La présentation d’une première sélection de résidences pour personnes âgées
Quels sont vos besoins et envies pour votre résidence pour aînés

Choosing a residence for seniors: a personalized approach

We know that each case is unique. Your Visavie advisor will therefore make sure to listen to you. During this meeting, we will of course discuss your needs, but we will also invite you to discuss your expectations and preferences. The goal is to draw the best possible picture for the future. In order to make this first assessment as personalized as possible, our advisors specialized in retirement homes will discuss priority topics with you. Here are a few examples:

  • the type of retirement home you are looking for;
  • your living habits;
  • the desired area for the residence;
  • your realistic budget;
  • the daily tasks for which you want assistance;
  • and much more depending on your personal situation;

Analysis of your needs to live well in seniors’ residences

Some more specific questions also allow our counselors to better analyze your needs.

  • What is a typical day like for you?
  • In what type of environment do you feel most comfortable?
  • Do you need assistance to get around?
  • Do you suffer from any health problems?
  • What are your favorite activities?
  • Etc.

Our experienced advisors know how to adapt to your situation. They will ask you the right questions. You will then discuss together the most important points for you in order to determine your real needs and to choose the right residence for seniors. All this, in order to guide you towards a living environment that is both stimulating and safe!


Analyse de vos besoins pour vivre en résidences de personnes âgées