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Welcome Chantal Stében

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We are proud to announce the arrival of Chantal Stében as Vice President Customer Experience at Visavie. It is a great honor to have someone as talented and dedicated as Chantal on our team. Welcome to the team!

A word from Louis, Chief Executive Officer

Visavie is the undisputed leader in Quebec in helping seniors choose senior residences and/or home care.

It is the only company offering both services, allowing seniors and their families to make informed decisions, thus considerably reducing the stress and guilt of children facing this choice. In order to achieve our mission, we have built a team that has two qualities: extraordinary values and the expertise to assist seniors and families in need of help and support.

The addition of Chantal Stében to our management team as Vice President Customer Experience certainly enhances our level of expertise and adds her knowledge and human values. Chantal has worked for several high profile companies in the senior living industry, such as Sélection Retraite, Cogir and Résidences du Manoir.

With her exceptional interpersonal skills and passion, she has distinguished herself in the management positions she has held. We are delighted to have Chantal on board!

About Chantal

A few words.

With over 25 years of experience in building management and seniors’ residences, Chantal has had the opportunity to help and serve an incredibly diverse clientele, giving her a strong and extremely rewarding experience. Her greatest wish is to be able to collaborate with people who share her values, people with heart. Building, learning and supporting successful teams motivates her enormously and she considers that serving the elderly is an act of generosity that motivates one to surpass oneself. Courage, humility and the common good are the values in which she deeply believes.

Her background

Chantal has worked for senior housing groups where she learned a great deal about the industry. She has participated in their growth and strategic planning. In addition to supporting teams of general and regional directors, Chantal has risen through the ranks through her hard work and passion for working with talented people. Guardianship of best practices and compliance, customer and employee satisfaction, and meeting and exceeding financial targets have been some of her responsibilities with these companies.

The final word

When asked what is the key to her success, Chantal’s answer is: “My authenticity and a deep desire to help and care for people”.