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The Difference Between Public and Private Retirement Residences

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The choice is important when it comes to deciding between public and private retirement residences

“Hi, I am helping my mother of 78 years old find retirement residence, now that she is a widow and that the house is too big for her to live alone. I would like to know the difference between public and private retirement residences? I can’t find myself among all these ‘Care centers’, ‘Manor houses’, ‘Nursing homes’, etc. Thank you in advance for helping me understand.”  – Peter

Dear Peter, we are here to help!

We agree, navigating between both public and private retirement residences can sometimes be quite a difficult task. After all, aren’t they all retirement residences? Yes, however…

Public retirement residences

In contrast to private retirement residences, public residences are managed through Santé et Services Sociaux Québec. In order to access their resources, you must first meet with a social worker at the hospital or your CLSC. This meeting will evaluate your health needs, assign an autonomy rating and ultimately, refer you to the resource that best meets your needs.

These resources are best suited for people who need regular medical care, supervision and assistance in daily personal activities. Such resources are almost always subject to a waiting list, whose duration can vary. The overall cost is based on individual income.

Private retirement residences

There are nearly 2,000 private retirement residences in Quebec. Such residences are managed through personal owners or private real estate groups. Private retirement residences are obliged to meet certain standards in order to qualify for this designation and in turn, obtain the required certifications. All leases are also subject to the Régie du logement.

Private residences are also eligible for home-support tax credits, which make them much more accessible. Furthermore, private senior residences welcome all types of customers: independent living, semi-autonomous and even with hospital-level needs. There is rarely a waiting list due to the ample offers that are currently on the market. It is also important to note that the offers are so vast and varied that it can be difficult to decide upon the most appropriate resource.

A Crucial Decision

When choosing a seniors residence, the most important aspects are that it meets all of your mother’s needs, her budget as well as her expectations. This is one of the most important decisions that she will have to take at this point in her life and it is therefore very normal that this whole process makes you nervous and maybe even a little anxious.

In order to avoid all these mind-teaser, Visavie and its knowledgeable staff have 30 years’ experience in the domain and are available to answer all your questions, as well as help ensure you make the best possible decision.

An organization of experts that work with and for your completely free of charge, why hesitate?

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