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The best residences for seniors: the opinion of our advisors

Les meilleures résidences par les conseillères de Visavie
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The best residences for seniors according to our advisors at Visavie

Looking for the best seniors’ residence in Quebec? Yes of course, we all want the best for ourselves or our elderly loved ones. However, we must admit that the perfect living environment is not necessarily the same from one senior to another. The ideal residence for one will not necessarily be the same for all. It depends, among other things, on the needs of each senior. Nevertheless, some residences for seniors have managed to stand out! Enough to become the favorites of our consultants here at Visavie. Here are the best residences for seniors in several regions of Quebec.

The best residences for seniors: Marie-Josée Gouin’s favorite in Laval

Looking for the best seniors’ residence in Laval? Our housing counselor, Marie-Josée Gouin, shares her recommendation with us. She also explains why she chose this particular seniors’ residence.

“The Sélection Panorama, I would love to live there! This residence is the highest in all of Laval. The Rivière des Prairies is in the spotlight. It’s such a relaxing place! […]

Here, it’s chic, modern and uncluttered. At Sélection Retraite Panorama, the large floor-to-ceiling windows offer a breathtaking view! “

Sélection Panorama Laval
Photo: Sélection Panorama

Our counsellor has nothing but good things to say about the décor and furnishings of this ultra-modern seniors’ residence located in the Laval area. She notes that the apartments are bright, air-conditioned and the overall atmosphere is pleasant.

“With the exception of the pandemic, people gather for coffee or a small glass of wine while gossiping and looking at the river. “

Marie-Josée, a Visavie counsellor, mentions that this residence offers many activities and various sports. She adds that she has a particular fondness for the large saltwater pool, with a view of the river. Nothing less! La Sélection Retraite Panorama is therefore on our list of suggestions of the best residences for seniors in Quebec.

Portland Residence: a popular seniors’ residence in Sherbrooke by Jessica Leclerc

In your search for a residence for autonomous or frail seniors, our advisor, Jessica Leclerc, suggests Residence Portland in Sherbrooke. She shares with us some of the characteristics that make Residence Portland an environment of choice for her:

  • the size of the rooms, which offers all the space necessary to its residents;
  • access to a patio door in each room and a large common balcony;
  • large windows offering a beautiful luminosity;
  • its strategic location near the Carrefour de l’Estrie and many other amenities;
  • and these are only a few examples.
Résidence Portland de Sherbrooke
Photo: Accès Résidences

But for Jessica, a housing advisor at Visavie, another factor is even more important.

“But what I particularly appreciate about this residence is the kindness of the owner and the employees. The people are very human and warm. They are able to make their residents feel comfortable. Every time I was there, I could see the caring atmosphere. “

For all these reasons, Residence Portland in Sherbrooke deserves its place among the best residences for seniors according to our dedicated advisors at Visavie.

Le Quartier par Excellence: the seniors’ residence chosen by our counsellor Christine Despres

Near St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, you will find Le Quartier par Excellence. When asked about the best residences for seniors in her opinion, Mrs. Christine Despres chose this inviting living environment. Our Visavie advisor shares her impressions with us.

“Let there be light! As soon as we enter this residence, the reception area offers us bright and warm spaces […] It’s alive!” she says.

Le Quartier par Excellence
Photo: Résidence Le Quartier

This residence for seniors stands out, according to her, for the quality of its care and its stable and professional staff. Residents live in a safe environment and have access to several services:

  • delicious meals ;
  • access to gardens and various playgrounds
  • the possibility of attending shows;
  • and much more!

Our advisor adds that the apartments are bright and spacious. She also likes the beautiful rooftop terrace, where a panoramic view of the surroundings is available. Identified among the best residences for seniors, Le Quartier par Excellence is, according to our advisor, a true “[…] oasis in the heart of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. “

The best residence for seniors in Trois-Rivières according to our consultant Marie-Hélène Laplante

For our Visavie advisor, in the quest to find the best residences for seniors, it is important to go back to basics.

“When we talk about seniors, I have the image of my grandparents: my grandmother with her immaculate white hair who loves to play cards, who makes the best sugar pies and who is so comforting. […] “

Our counselor likes to refer to her own grandparents to ensure that all seniors can find a living environment that works for them. She is well aware that the picture is different from one senior to another, depending on the specific needs of each senior.

In the Trois-Rivières area, our advisor Marie-Hélène recommends the Résidence Ste-Julie. According to her, this seniors’ residence stands out because of its inclusion of all its residents.

“In my work as a housing counselor, I sometimes meet elderly people who are destitute, suffering from different types of mental illness […] Mental illnesses are often taboo in society and they are also taboo in retirement homes. “

Résidence Ste-Julie
Photo: Olymbec

She explains that at the Résidence Ste-Julie, located in Trois-Rivières, the owner, Mr. Denis Beaudry, is a dedicated and caring man. She adds that values such as acceptance and tolerance are at the heart of the staff’s concerns. For our consultant, it is important that all seniors can benefit from a good hot meal and excellent service. This is why she has a particular liking for this place, which has earned a place in our list of the best residences for seniors.

When the time comes, for you or for an elderly relative, to find the senior residence that will best suit your needs, don’t hesitate to call on our accompaniment services! Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this service is also free. Our counsellors are available to listen to you and help you. Take the time to contact them, they will be happy to guide you in your research.

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