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Thank you, Heather Hyndman, for Finding a Home For My Mom

Thank you, Heather Hyndman, for Finding a Home For My Mom
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Heather Hyndman

Last month I enlisted the help of a VisaVie’s representative by the name of Heather Hyndman. We were experiencing difficulty trying to find a retirement home for my very particular mother. At the time she was on her fourth retirement home and was asking to be moved once again. A friend suggested Visa Vie as they were a great help to her aunt.

Heather Hyndman was amazing. She immediately made a connection with my mother (not an easy task ) and set out to meet my mother’s needs efficiently and effectively.

This Saturday my mother is moving into a retirement home that she is looking forward to and she credits Heather for finding and negotiating a great deal for her. She told me she preferred dealing with Heather rather than family and was very happy that Heather was her representative. I can’t say enough about Heather and her efforts to ensure my mother was happy. She worked long and hard for my mother all the while keeping in touch with my large family. She definitely has the skills required to be very successful in her job.

People like Heather Hyndman makes VisaVie a company that I will highly recommend to my friends and colleagues in the future.

Thanks for hiring Heather as she is a great asset to your company.

Brenda Stewart, Ottawa

About Heather Hyndman

As one of the original team members of Visavie Ottawa in 2013, Heather Hyndman has helped over 500 families in their search for the perfect retirement community.

Heather Hyndman is a trained specialist promoting health and wellbeing for seniors for more than 20 years and understands the importance of quality resources that caters to the physical and psychological needs. Having dealt with dementia with her mother and grandmother, Heather is a great support and resource to her clients struggling with similar issues.

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