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résidences pour personnes âgées autonomes

Independent Living Residences: What you need to know

Even when fully independent, it is possible for a senior to enjoy the benefits of a supervised, stimulating and safe living environment. It is for all these reasons that independent living residences exist. Are you retired and want to simplify your life? It is possible to benefit from a housing solution that offers you comfort…

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Cost of a retirement home : what to know

Is the long-awaited moment of retirement approaching and you are thinking of moving to a private residence that will offer you all the services? Or a loved one in your entourage is in need of care and is looking for a place adapted to their needs? In all cases, one question often comes up at…

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Résidence pour personnes âgées

Senior residence : how to help seniors in their search?

The search for a senior residence is one of the most important times in life. There are many aspects to consider, but the hardest part is knowing where to start and how best to approach this sensitive topic with someone you love. And finding a senior residence is no easy task. Where do you start?…

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résidence pour personnes âgées à Trois-Rivières

Residence for seniors in Trois-Rivières: What to know

A residence for seniors in Trois-Rivières can be a great way for your loved one to age. Many people are unaware of the numerous benefits that come with owning a retirement home. And if you are looking for a retirement home in Trois-Rivières, it may be hard to find the right one. There are many…

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Helping the transition to a retirement home

Leaving home and moving to a seniors’ residence is not always an easy step in life. Despite all the attractions and advantages of living in a residence, it is normal to remain attached to the family home. And emotions often run high! However, there are ways to make the transition to a retirement home easier.…

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4 steps to choosing a residence for seniors

4 steps to choosing a residence for seniors Regardless of age, we always want to choose the best living environment possible. Whether it’s our first apartment or our first house, it’s natural to want to find the ideal place that will make us feel comfortable and that will best meet our needs. As we reach…

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Résidence Laval

Retirement home in Laval: what you need to know

Are you looking for a retirement home in Laval or the surrounding area? The city of Laval is an interesting place to live, offering many attractions and services to its residents. Whether it is for yourself or for a senior loved one, Visavie can help you in your search for a retirement home in Laval…

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Choisir de vivre en résidence pour aînés

Choosing to live in a seniors’ residence

Choosing to live in a seniors’ residence with Louis Sirois, Chief Executive Officer of Visavie Video by Bien Vieillir à Boucherville Ginette de la Croix : Hello, my name is Ginette de la Croix from Bien Vieillir à Boucherville. I am pleased to welcome Mr. Louis Sirois, owner of Visavie, a company that offers support…

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Résidences Semi-Autonome

Residences for assisted living: an advantageous way of life

Residences for assisted living (semi autonomous): an advantageous way of life When choosing a seniors’ residence, there are many questions to ask. One of the most important is to ask yourself what level of autonomy you will need to live there. Residences for assisted living become a very interesting alternative for many! Living in a…

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Résidence Ottawa

Residences for seniors in Ottawa: our selection

Residences for seniors in Ottawa: what our Visavie advisors believe about them Looking for some great residences for seniors in Ottawa? You probably want to find the best for your loved ones. Fortunately, there are many excellent seniors’ residences to choose from! While we always want nothing less than the best, it’s good to know…

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