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Finding a retirement home: A turning point in your life

Finding a retirement home can become a long and complex process. There are many criteria to be taken into consideration before deciding upon your future residence, such as neighbourhood, type of residence, services offered, and even the environment.

With approximately 2000 retirement homes in Quebec, choosing a residence involves a lot of thought and careful selection. Do you want to live close to your relatives? What type of retirement home are you looking for? What level of service and security do you require, and what is your budget?

Finding a retirement home is a turning point for you and your relatives. Seek out assistance from Visavie, housing experts for seniors with some 30 years of experience, and avoid making any mistakes on your own.

Visavie: housing counsellors for seniors since 1988

We have been assisting individuals and family members find the right retirement home for the past 30 years. Over the years, our counsellors have helped more than 150,000 families choose their new lifestyle residences. This experience has enabled us to develop unique expertise based on three key concepts:

Free, no-commitment service:

All of the services related to finding your future retirement home are free of charge or commitment to you. These costs are covered by the Ontario and Quebec network of private retirement homes. Contact one of our counsellors who will assist you free of charge, helping you or your loved one find the retirement home that pleases you best.

A network of 35 retirement home specialists attentive to your needs:

Our counsellors have received tried-and-tested training over the years to better understand your needs and help you find the right retirement home. In addition to listening to your needs and personally accompanying you, our experts conduct regular visits to the different residences in order to judge the quality of these facilities.

A 4-step process to find your residence:

Over the years, we have used our network to design a method to help you in your search for a retirement home, based on the following 4 steps:

  • Understanding your needs: During a phone conversation with one of our counsellors, we will analyze your situation and discuss your search needs and preferences (lodging preference, lifestyle, type of retirement home, planned budget, etc.). By understanding your needs, we will be able to provide you with a tailored solution.
  • Presenting selected residences: Following the telephone interview, one of our counsellors will visit you at home to show you an initial selection of retirement homes. At this stage, the goal is to refine your choices, and also to inform you about the various tax credit programs that are available to you and your family.
  • Visiting the selected retirement homes: After selecting one or several residences, we will contact the establishments and organize the visits. If you wish, your Visavie counsellor can help you evaluate the various residences by accompanying you during your visit, free of charge.
  • Choice of additional services: For special needs, we have a network of reliable partners who can accompany you throughout the steps leading to your move to a retirement home. Do you need a notary, a moving company, or additional home-care support? Contact us, it will be our pleasure to assist you through this transition period.

Join the nearly 150,000 families over the past 30 years who have put their trust in Visavie counsellors to find the most appropriate retirement home. We assist you free of charge or commitment throughout the search process, from the initial phone call until the move to the residence. Our counsellors are ready to assist you today, so give us a call.

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