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Visavie: Support your employees, maintain your productivity

As an employer or human resources director, you are aware that some employees can sometimes be worried about situations that arise in their personal lives. The deterioration of a senior relative’s physical or mental health can often be the underlying cause.

In an effort to meet their personal obligations, your employees will be frequently absent from work and their productivity will decrease at work, leading to a decline in productivity within your organization.

Visavie: Support services for seniors’ children

For nearly 30 years, Visavie has assisted 150,000 families and children of seniors in finding the right retirement living setting. Our services are free of charge or commitment to you. We also have the largest network of housing counsellors in Quebec and Ontario.

Visavie’s unique expertise is based on a proven search method to find a suitable retirement living facility, depending on the needs of the senior. We work with seniors and their family right from the initial phone call until the transition to the retirement living residence.

Our counsellors also offer complementary services, such as emergency relocation of seniors in retirement living care facilities, family mediation, and home care services.

Integrate Visavie’s services within your company and increase fringe benefits

Our counsellors are available to assist your business free of charge and commitment. We will respond 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and can travel to your place of business to discuss appropriate, effective solutions.

By learning about our services, you will be able to share the information with your employees. This personal accompaniment is confidential, and will enable your staff to receive the necessary assistance when they need it most.

By supporting your employees during difficult times, will increase their loyalty and reduce absenteeism delays and productivity issues.

Contact one of our counsellors today to learn more about our free, customized services for your business.

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