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Visavie: Finding a retirement residence and complementary services for seniors

Since 1988, we have assisted more than 150,000 families in their search for a retirement residence. During the course of our work, we have seen that transitioning to a retirement residence is not always a personal choice.

When a loved one experiences a deterioration of their physical or psychological condition, placement in a residence often becomes a necessary solution. This important decision is often a delicate matter for the person concerned, and also for their loved ones (family, friends).

At Visavie, we offer many services for seniors and their family, to help and advise them during this major transition.

Emergency relocation for seniors:

Over the past 30 years, we have seen that the emergency relocation of a senior to a facility occurred mostly in 3 specific instances:

  • The physical or mental condition of your loved one becomes greatly reduced: an accident, hospitalization or degenerative illness that precludes returning home under proper conditions;
  • Your loved one’s home environment is no longer appropriate: whether it is the furnishings, safety or even loneliness, the situation obliges you to place your loved one in a facility to avoid worsening their state;
  • As a care provider, you reach your limit in the care you can provide to assist your loved one without significantly impacting your personal life in a negative manner;
  • In each case, counsellors at Visavie are available to assist you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We work free of charge to locate a suitable residence and help you find the facility best adapted to the needs of your loved one, at the earliest opportunity.

    Family mediation:

    The decision to place a loved one in a retirement home is a difficult one to make – even more so when the decision must be made with several others (your loved one, family members, siblings, etc.).

    Frequently, the decision to place someone comes following the physical or mental deterioration of the patient. Choices can be rushed and result in deep disagreement among family members. And the main objective can be overlooked: protecting the health and welfare of your loved one.

    In a situation where behaviours are often influenced by emotions, outside assistance is often beneficial. Our housing counsellors will be able to help with the discussion and assist you in making the right decisions as a family, in a private and confidential setting.

    Home care and assistance:

    In some cases, it is possible to remain at home. Frequently, this solution enables seniors to maintain their bearings in a familiar and comfortable setting.

    Depending on their needs and level of autonomy, our counsellors can suggest the services of our affiliate Home Instead, which offers 3 types of service for seniors:

    • Home companionship: Enjoy the company of a care companion who provides companionship and shares in your favourite activities;
    • Home care: Our caregivers will assist with completing daily tasks, such as shopping, meal preparation, or light housekeeping;
    • Personal care: Stay in the comfort of your home while receiving assistance with personal hygiene, eating, getting around or even post-op and rehabilitation care;
    • Whether you’re seeking a solution to emergency relocation of a loved one, help in resolving a family crisis, or considering home care, our counsellors are available to help. Contact us to learn more about our services for seniors. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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