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Choosing a retirement residence: A turning point in your family life

Whether it is for you or for a loved one, choosing a retirement residence is a life-impacting decision. A change in environment, moving and resettlement can be difficult steps for you and relatives.

There are approximately 2,000 residences for seniors in Quebec and Ontario. Each residence offers services tailored to your particular situation (degree of autonomy), your needs, and also your budget. The choice of a residence can quickly become a long and complicated task for someone unfamiliar with the operation of retirement residences.

You can simplify your search for the right retirement residence by contacting one of our counsellors today. Our services are free, and you are provided assistance from the initial phone call until your move to the retirement residence of your choice.

Visavie: Personalized services to help you find the retirement residence that best meets your needs.

For close to 30 years, Visavie has been assisting some 150,000 families, helping them find a retirement residence. In order to fulfill the needs of families and their relatives, we have designed a full range of personalized and complementary services:

Find retirement homes

Locating a retirement residence:

Our network of more than 35 qualified counsellors is established across Quebec and Ontario, and available to you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our free, no-commitment process uses 4 steps to accompany you in your search:

  • Identification of your needs and personalized analysis during a telephone interview with one of our retirement residence counsellors;
  • Presentation of a preliminary selection of residences during a meeting at your home;
  • Accompaniment service during visits to the selected residences allows you to benefit from the advice of our counsellors, who are experienced in evaluating and selecting retirement residences for seniors.
  • A choice of complementary services to enable your senior family members to make a smooth transition. Do you require a moving company, a notary or home care? Don’t worry, your Visavie counsellor is happy to assist you.

Complementary services for seniors:

In certain cases, moving to a residence becomes a necessary solution. In fact, following a deterioration of a loved one’s physical or psychological condition, a complex but necessary decision must be made, often by the family members.

Visavie counsellors can assist seniors and their family by offering you various services tailored to your situation:

  • Emergency relocation: Following a sudden loss of autonomy for one of your family members, it may be impossible for them to remain at home. You can call upon the free services of an expert who is available at all times to help you make the right decision.
  • Family mediation: Placing a family member in a residence is a difficult decision to make, especially when it must be made by a group. Our retirement housing counsellors can lend support and guidance during these difficult times.
  • Home support and assistance: In some cases, home care is possible. Ask our retirement housing counsellors about your options and learn more about personal home care, support and assistance offered by our Home Instead affiliate.

Service for businesses:

The deterioration of a loved one’s physical or psychological condition can have many repercussions on your professional life. An increase in workplace absences and loss of productivity may jeopardize your career at work.

Visavie has designed a wide range of free, no-commitment services intended for businesses. By assisting their employees during this difficult time, businesses will be able to strengthen the feeling of community trust among their teams by minimizing the risks of presenteeism and absenteeism.