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Seniors’ Residences on the South Shore of Montreal : our selection

residences pour personnes âgées autonomes rive sud

Seniors’ Residences on the South Shore of Montreal : our selection 

You are looking for the perfect seniors’ residence on the South Shore of Montreal ? Good news is that there are a lot of options for you or your beloved elderly relative. It is absolutely normal to want nothing less than the ideal living environment. But the fact is that the best residence for one elderly person may not be the same for another senior. For this reason, it is important to do your research to find the seniors’ residence best suited for your needs. Here are three residences for the elderly selected by our Visavie counsellors on the South Shore of Montreal. 

L’Émérite de Brossard residence : a favorite place for two of our Visavie counsellor

L’Émérite de Brossard

When we asked our Visavie housing consultants about their favorite residences for seniors on the South Shore, one private retirement home stood out among their choices. For Ms. Lise Dupuis and Ms. Maryse Dulude, both housing counselors at Visavie, the residence L’Émérite deserves its place among our selection. 

Located in Brossard, this seniors’ residence is described as a dynamic environment where it is good to live. According to our precious counsellors, here are the main reasons why L’Émérite de Brossard is part of our selections :

  • Good evolving care that are well adapted to the needs of autonomous and semi-autonomous residents ;
  • The expertise, kindness and dedication of the staff and the management ; 
  • Wide choice of well-organized activities (sports, dance, shows, cultural outings, etc).

Our Visavie counsellors also had good comments about the dining room. They also mentioned  that this residence is a safe living environment that surely deserves to be considered when looking for a retirement home for you or an elderly relative in the South Shore suburb of Montreal.

Les Habitats Lafayette : a great seniors’ residence on the South Shore of Montreal

Habitats Lafayette

On the list of our counselors’ favorite residences, Les Habitats Lafayette also represents a good choice when looking for a residence for elderly in the south suburbs of Montreal.  This retirement home is located only a few steps from the Longueuil subway station. From there, it is also possible to enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Montreal. Residents of Les Habitats Lafayette can take advantage of adapted apartments for autonomous and semi-autonomous elderly people. They also have units for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease.

For our counselor Maryse Dulude, main advantages of this residence are : 

  • The expertise of the staff for residents with cognitive problems ;
  • Good accompaniment provided to seniors ;
  • The ability to adapt well to the different needs of the elderly who live there ;
  • The wide range of cultural activities and sports that contribute to create a dynamic living environment.

If you are looking for a good seniors’ residence on the South Shore, near Montreal, Les Habitats Lafayette may be the right place for you. Remember that we strongly recommend you to visit a few residences to be able to compare your options. This way, you will ensure to make the best decision for your own good or for the well-being of your elderly parent.

Seniors’ residence Vivilia Le Boisé de Longueuil : a nice living environment for the elderly for the South Shore

Vivalia Le Boisé

Also located in the urban agglomeration of Longueuil, Vivalia Le Boisé residence is another good residence for seniors on the South Shore, in the opinion of our consultants. This residence is a selection of Lise Dupuis. Ms. Dupuis is a senior housing counsellor at Visavie. In her everyday work, she accompanies elderly people and their families to help them find the residence that will be the best fit for their needs. 

Enjoying already pre-furnished rooms

Vivalia Le Boisé is an intermediate resource for seniors that offers pre-furnished rooms. In each apartment, residents can have access to : 

  • an adjustable bed ;
  • a self-locking rocking chair ;
  • plenty of built-in storage ;
  • a small private bathroom ;
  • mechanisms for assistance in case of need ;
  • television (with a lot of channels to choose from) ;
  • internet and telephone services ;
  • and a beautiful fenestration offering a lot of natural light. 

Other advantages of this residence according to our counselor

Ms. Dupuis, housing advisor for Visavie, also emphasizes the fact that Vivalia seniors’ residence offer a pleasant living environment to seniors living there. She also lists few other advantages of choosing this residence :

  1. Well-trained employees and management who are always receptive to suggestions ;
  2. The ease of transition to this residence because seniors can arrive with nothing more than their personal belongings. This aspect can be facilitating for seniors but also for their families and caregivers.
  3. The quality of care offered, with a dedicated unit for cognitive care.

You are thinking about moving soon into a seniors’ residence ? The previous selection of those three residences for the elderly represent a perfect example of stimulating living environments for seniors. However, it is important to remember that individual needs are different for everyone. In order to find the best residence for seniors, for you or an elderly relative, do not hesitate to contact our experienced counselors at Visavie. They will be present to accompany you in a caring way during all the steps of this important transition.

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