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Senior residence : how to help seniors in their search?

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The search for a senior residence is one of the most important times in life. There are many aspects to consider, but the hardest part is knowing where to start and how best to approach this sensitive topic with someone you love.

And finding a senior residence is no easy task. Where do you start? What are the steps to take? How do you know if it’s the right place for your loved one? Marie-Hélène Laplante, a Visavie advisor, talks to Sarah Zuckerman and Martin-Guy Bernier of Banque des Desjardins about seniors’ residences.

The perfect senior residence : how to help seniors in their search?

The search for a senior residence can be difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. In this podcast, Marie-Hélène Laplante explains these steps and she sheds light on how you can help your loved ones through this time of their lives!

Indeed, for many seniors, living alone becomes less and less satisfying as they age – and sometimes even isolation seems like an attractive alternative to constantly depending on others for help on a daily basis. Seniors, however, have their doubts about living in a seniors’ residence. Our counsellor Marie-Hélène explains how important it is to demystify the taboos surrounding residences and above all, to break down the preconceived ideas we may have about them.

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Understanding the senior and their level of autonomy

We are all aware of the challenges associated with aging and helping seniors live independently. However, it is difficult to know exactly what they need or how best to help them.

This is also the job of a senior housing consultant. Marie-Hélène is constantly seeking to better understand seniors, their level of autonomy, their state of health and their general well-being. By monitoring these key parameters in a simple manner, she is able to advise and suggest to seniors a selection of senior residences that perfectly suits their needs.

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The steps in the search for a retirement home

Customized support

In this podcast, our advisor explains her approach and the different steps in the search, from the first meeting with the senior and his or her loved ones, to the selection of residences for seniors based on different criteria such as budget or location, to visits and the choice of complementary services.

The costs of a Visavie counselor, is it really free?

Marie-Hélène also explains in detail the reason why our services to find residences for seniors are free and how anyone can use Visavie’s services. These services are for anyone who needs help in their search for a residence, either for themselves or their loved ones.

If you have any questions about our home search services, call us or request a free consultation with one of our counselors.

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