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Visavie: A partner to seniors and their families for over 30 years.

Did you know that of the 35 million people living in Canada, nearly 21% are aged 60 or older? This trend will even increase over the coming years, and is expected to reach 29% of the total population by 2030.

At Visavie, we have been assisting these same seniors and their families for over 30 years, helping them to locate the ideal residence thanks to our unique accompaniment service.

Visavie: Specialized counsellors, at your side

Below is a list of the various regions serviced by Visavie – contact one of our housing counsellors today:

Visavie: Our success is based on the strength of our network of housing counsellors

Our success depends on several elements, such as our unique, 4-step accompaniment method, with no hidden costs or commitment for our services. Over the years, we have built the largest network of housing counsellors in Quebec and Ontario.

To date, we have more than 35 counsellors working throughout Quebec and Ontario, available to answer your questions every day of the week and accompany you during your search for a residence. Our counsellors are trained and qualified to analyze your situation, understand your needs and requirements, and provide accurate solutions.

Our housing counsellors also receive ongoing training in new trends and developments, and are able to accompany you and evaluate and compare residences to make your decision easier and your transition to a residence more pleasant, within the shortest timeframe and especially while adhering to your budget.

Don’t hesitate to contact our counsellors to learn more about applicable tax deduction programs, our complementary services, or even if you are seeking a solution for at-home maintenance, assistance or accompaniment for seniors.

Come join the 150,000 families that have placed their trust in Visavie to find the right residence. We will be pleased to offer you assistance, beginning immediately.

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