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Did you know that 28% of the population in Trois-Rivières and La Mauricie is older than 60? And this number will keep increasing to become the highest in Quebec, accounting for more than 42% of the population by 2030.

Luckily, to meet the growing needs of seniors, more than 210 residences are currently in operation. But, how do you choose the residence that meets your needs and, especially, your budget?

To assist you and your loved ones with this important step, over the past 30 years Visavie has created a network of senior living advisors. Our experts receive ongoing training and are able to accompany you in your search, confidentially, and free of charge and commitment.

Working with your Visavie senior living advisor, you will go through the 4 steps that will enable you to find your future home:

  • Understanding your needs, objectives, and setting your budget;
  • Presenting the residences selected;
  • Accompaniment during visits to seniors’ residences;
  • Proposing complementary services if you feel you require them;

Contact a Visavie senior living advisor today and join the 150,000 seniors we have helped since 1988. We are open 24/7 to assist you.

Counsellors in the region of Trois-Rivières and Mauricie

Kim Kendall
Authorized Advisor
Marie-Hélène Laplante
Authorized Advisor
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