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Suzanne Houle

Suzanne Houle

Regional Manager, Customer Experience

Visavie Suzanne Houle


A proverb that describes me

"Never give up!"

How I stand out

Chiropractic doctor and health practitioner for over 20 years, I have focused on improving the conditions and well-being of others since the beginning of my career.

Years have taught me the importance of a genuine rapport of trust, based on active and proactive listening of my clientele in order to offer personalized services with great effectiveness.

For me, Visavie is ...

...a company built on caring people who strives toward one specific goal, which is executed with integrity and human values at it’s core.

In my opinion, the ideal advisor...

... gives advice, guides, acts as an expert and uses their judgment to always value the best interests of the clients they accompany.

Vulnerable at times, however always looking for solutions to their changing needs, my clients have every right to live this transition stage in peace, tranquility and security. Led by my kindness, my determination and dedication, I make sure that I understand their needs and go beyond their expectations.

Dynamic, tenacious, organized and creative, I reach my goals, realize my mission by paying constant attention to details making sure that the chosen residence is always a perfect match.

The key to my success

Listen, ask the right questions, observe non-verbal language and build a relationship.

*I am happy and comfortable to serve customers in both French and English

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