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Christiane Jacques

Christiane Jacques

Authorized Advisor

Visavie Christiane Jacques


A proverb that describes me

"When the apple is ripe, it will fall."

How I stand out

As a counsellor, I am dynamic, cheerful and honest. I feel that it is important to understand and take the drama out of a situation.

My degree in psychoeducational studies has taught me the importance of active listening. Over the years, I have learned to trust my intuition and creativity when finding solutions to meet the needs of my clients.

For me Visavie is…

… It is a springboard to help seniors transition to a new stage in life.

It involves professional guidance from counsellors who know a great deal about seniors' residences, who will save you time and who will help you know that you have made the right choice.

In my opinion, the ideal advisor …

A great advisor does not pressure clients into choosing a residence, but waits until they are ready.

Sometimes when seniors and their families seek out our services, they are going through trying times in their lives. You need to know how to listen to them, how to take care of them and which questions to ask in order to better understand their needs and how to help them.

The key to my success

I try my best to ensure that my clients are truly happy. After all, the residence will be their new home, and it is important that they feel good about their decision.

* I am at my best serving customers in French

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