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Huguette Tousignant

Huguette Tousignant

Authorized Advisor

Visavie Huguette Tousignant


A proverb that describes me

Never let a client leave without providing essential information and reassurance.

How I stand out

As a housing counsellor for seniors at Visavie for over 15 years, I have witnessed firsthand the changes in the population, the evolving needs of seniors and how seniors' residences have adapted their offerings.

When working with seniors or their families, it is important to establish a relationship of trust by listening to and understanding their experiences, expectations and needs, and by providing them with reassurance throughout this transition by showing that I believe in the quality of the resources I recommend.

For me Visavie is…

… a business that stands out for its professionalism and human values in an aging society that is increasingly vulnerable.

In my opinion, the ideal advisor …

… A great advisor listens and perseveres, and is determined, organized and empathetic.

Seniors are often vulnerable and need to be informed and listened to; they need someone responsible on their side who will do their utmost to help them find a solution.

The key to my success

My goal is to find safe, quality residences for seniors where they can meet people who share common interests.

The aim is to find places that really suit them, where they can continue to grow and develop using their talents and through the discovery of new activities and passions.

*I am at my best serving customers in French.

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