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Tom Faludi

Tom Faludi

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Visavie Tom Faludi


A proverb that describes me

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

How I stand out

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and in the course of my career I have met a lot of people, built relationships, understood needs, and always, above all, made sure that my word was a solid commitment of quality service. All in all, I am “Customer-centric”.

I have a strong sense of empathy towards seniors and their families from past personal experiences which helps me understand what they are going through and which keeps me striving to give 100% to my clients.

It is a priority for me to build a relation of trust, to do the right thing, to be caring, compassionate, nurturing and to make sure that families are in all matters satisfied with their retirement home choice.

For me, Visavie is…

… An organization which cares about and understands the needs and problems associated with an aging population.

Seniors who have earned the privilege of retirement should enjoy it with dignity, respect and the best of cares and services.

The ideal advisor to me…

… has a genuine desire to help families and support them in finding the right solution in the very complicated setting that comes with the search for the best retirement communities.

The ideal advisor, besides considering the medical, social and financial needs of the client, should always ask himself:  “would I be comfortable if my mother lived here?”

The key to my success

I am thoroughly familiar with the network of retirement homes, whether it’s the caring staff, the quality of life, or the onsite innovations. This, for me, is a true validation of our society’s desire to progress to better care for elders.

During this transition, I am a friend or family member who cares for your wellbeing. My goal is to make you realise that tomorrow can bring a better day and is the first day of the rest of your life in a stimulating and reassuring environment, a home where you will be happy.

Simply said: the key to my success resides in the great love and empathy I have for seniors and the fact that I very much enjoy helping them in their retirement years : from their reflexion, to the visit of residences and, finally to their choice.

* I am happy and comfortable to serve families in English, French and Hungarian

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