Emergency placement for seniors in a retirement home

Visavie Helps You Save Time and Make the Right Choice

Visavie Helps You Save Time and Make the Right Choice
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More than 220 retirement homes in Montreal

I am really happy to report that our counsellor, Monique Szabo, was very efficient in finding a new residence for my mom. She took the time to listen to us and found this perfect residence with all the services my mom needs.

I’d recommend Visavie to anyone who needs to find a retirement home for their elder parents. She saved us time, phone calls, visits, headaches and she was always available to answer any question. Don’t hesitate to call Visavie Montreal, their counsellors are there to help you like they helped us! Thank you again!

Lynda Lussier, West Island

Did you know that, without help, the process of finding a retirement home could take you up to 137 hours! And often, after all the phone calls, appointments and visits, you might end up at square one asking yourself “what if I choose the wrong residence?”

Save time and make the right choice with Visavie

For the last 30 years, Visavie’s counsellors have helped over 150,000 seniors and their family choose the retirement home that caters to their needs, preferences and budget. With more than 30 counsellors regularly visiting all the retirement homes in Quebec, we are fully aware of availabilities, services cares provided, prices, promotions and even the quality of life in each community.

Why take a chance and make a mistake by choosing the wrong resource? Call Visavie, it’s free!

* This testimonial was initially received in French