Emergency placement for seniors in a retirement home

Santa Claus is moving!

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After hundreds of years of dedicated service bringing joy to good children of all ages, Santa Claus finally decided to heed his elves’ advice and take a well-deserved retirement! Luckily, his son Nicolas Junior was ready to replace him.

The younger Saint Nick shared a lot of personality traits with his dad, including one of the most essential: being insightful.

In fact, it was thanks to this very quality that Nicolas Junior quickly realized that his dad was hoping to move to a place where he could fully enjoy life, worry-free.

So, Nicolas Junior and his father decided to turn to experts to help them find the ideal retirement home.

Finding the perfect match

It turned out to be quite a difficult task since Santa Claus has high standards and some very specific needs—such as a gigantic parking space for his sleigh and reindeer. The parking space needed to be free of snow at all times, as Santa Claus felt he’d already done enough shovelling in his life!

Since his elves would continue working with Nicolas Junior, Santa also needed a place where he could make new friends. And to have fun with his new friends, he dreamed of amenities like indoor golf, a billiards room and a woodworking shop. 

Lastly, Santa felt that he’d only be able to make the most of these activities if Mrs. Claus was taken care of. It occurred to him that a hair salon and fitness room in the retirement home would make her happy.

Priceless guidance

Thanks to some sound guidance from his Visavie Counsellor, Santa Claus was able to find the perfect retirement community for him.

Follow Santa Claus’s example and give yourself the chance to find a home that’s right for you.