Choosing retirement home

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retirement home

It is not an easy decision when it comes to choosing a retirement home for seniors. Moving into a retirement home can result in a sense of disorientation for seniors and their families.

Choosing a retirement home requires a lot of planning and following a method that our counsellors have adopted for more than 30 years, which has enabled Visavie to assist more than 150,000 Quebec families.

Senior housing

Review your personal situation and define your needs

When choosing your retirement home, we strongly encourage you to review all the criteria that will have an effect on your choice for a future living space:

  • Your physical and psychological health will determine your level of autonomy and thus your choice of retirement home.
  • The location of the retirement home must also be taken into account when beginning your search. You can choose to live close to your family or discover a new setting.
  • A new living environment will have an influence on your development within the retirement home and, more generally, that of your friends and family.
  • Safety equipment bolsters the feeling of security that you and your loved ones may depend on.
  • The activities and services offered by the retirement home will contribute to your social well-being and help you develop new friendships in your new environment.

Choose the type of retirement home adapted to your needs

When it comes to choosing the location, environment, level of security, services and activities available, you will have many options when it comes time to choose your retirement home.

However, depending on your physical/psychological health and more generally on your level of autonomy, there exist several different types of retirement home that are adapted to your needs:

  • Retirement homes for autonomous persons are intended for individuals who enjoy full psychological and physical health. These residences often offer a variety of fun activities you can enjoy with other retirees.
  • Retirement homes for semi-autonomous persons will meet the needs of seniors who require some daily living assistance to perform various daily tasks (trips, housekeeping, etc.).
  • Residential and long-term care centers (or CHSLD) are intended for individuals who require daily assistance (more than 3 hours/day) provided by qualified personnel.

Make sure you choose the best retirement home. Let Visavie help you conduct your search.

For now 30 years, Visavie housing counsellors have assisted more than 150,000 families in Quebec and Ontario. Our expertise is based on a solid foundation:

  • Free, no-obligation services. The cost of services related to the search for your future retirement home is covered by the Ontario and Quebec network of private retirement homes;
  • A network of more than 35 qualified counsellors across Quebec and Ontario;
  • Our counsellors are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and can meet with you in your home;
  • A 4-step process, beginning with the initial phone call up to your move to the retirement home;
  • A confidential, personalized process working with trained and qualified professionals;
  • Complementary services allow you to stay at home in certain cases, thanks to our Home Instead affiliate.