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We will arrange and accompany you on the tours of the selected residences and help you compare the options.


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Is finding a private retirement home challenging for you? Do you feel lost when it comes to where to look? That’s completely normal.

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The main types of private retirement homes (RPA) in Quebec


Independent Living

These residences offer a stimulating, and stress-free retirement with personalized services, including entertainment, meals, household assistance, and more, tailored to individual needs.

Assisted Living

These residences offer seniors an ideal combination of autonomy and care, with various services such as assistance with meals, personal support, nursing care, housekeeping, and activities.

Memory Care

These residences specialize in providing care for individuals with cognitive and memory disorders, offering a safe environment and tailored care provided by a medical team and dedicated staff.

Continuing Care

Evolving residences bring together seniors with varying levels of independence, allowing them to stay in the same environment as their needs change, avoiding frequent moves.

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