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Retirement home in Laval: what you need to know

Résidence Laval
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Are you looking for a retirement home in Laval or the surrounding area? The city of Laval is an interesting place to live, offering many attractions and services to its residents.

Whether it is for yourself or for a senior loved one, Visavie can help you in your search for a retirement home in Laval (independent living retirement homes, assisted living retirement homes or even residence for seniors in loss of autonomy). We know how important this step is in one’s life. We would like to offer you as much information and tools as possible so that you can find the best residence for seniors that will meet your needs in the Laval region. Our mission is to accompany seniors, their families and caregivers through this process. This makes it easier to make an informed choice among the various retirement homes in Laval.

Population profile for the city of Laval

Looking for a retirement home in Laval means choosing a dynamic city in full expansion. Development is occurring at a rapid pace and there are many services and attractions! Opting for a residence in Laval means taking advantage of being closer to nature while remaining close to the metropolis.

A global demographic portrait

Just a few minutes from Montreal, Laval is already considered the third largest city in Quebec in terms of population. According to Statistics Canada, during the last census in 2016, the population was estimated at 422,993 residents. The population growth rate between 2011 and 2016 was higher than the average for the rest of the province. It is even expected that this trend will continue in the coming years. The neighbourhoods where the population was denser were those further south, including Chomedey, Pont-Viau and Laval-des-Rapides.

The place of seniors in Laval’s population

Even though young people play a major role in the overall picture of Laval, the place of seniors in the Laval population is just as important! In fact, it is expected that the proportion of the senior population will increase significantly in the coming years. According to data from the CISSS de Laval, in 2016, people aged 65 and over represented approximately 16.8% of the Laval population. Experts estimate that this figure will have increased to about 18% by 2020 and could reach 23.7% by 2036! This clearly shows that Laval offers an interesting living environment for seniors.

5 good reasons to choose Laval for your retirement home

Among all the cities in Quebec, there are many options when it comes to choosing a retirement home. Depending on the person’s preferences, several municipalities or large cities can be interesting options. Laval is definitely one of them!

Here are five reasons why Laval is a prime location for seniors:

  1. Its strategic location on the outskirts of Montreal allows many seniors to stay close to their loved ones. When the time comes to retire, many people choose to move closer to their children or other family members. If we look at the population of the Montreal Metropolitan Community, it is easy to understand that Laval is a central location for staying close to friends and family.
  2. The city’s public transit system makes it easy to get around. So, for an independent senior who wants to remain independent when traveling, Laval is a great place to be. The Société de transport de Laval offers reduced or even free rates on its entire transportation network.
  3. The municipality of Laval also offers many activities for seniors living on its territory. Whether it’s sports activities, interactive workshops or small conferences on relevant topics, there is no shortage of choices!
    In October of each year, the city even organizes a special week dedicated to its senior residents: Laval Seniors’ Week.
  4. A lending service for documents from Laval’s libraries has also been set up especially for the city’s senior residents. In collaboration with the Centre de bénévolat de Laval, this service was designed to allow people with reduced mobility, caregivers and seniors who are losing their autonomy to spend time reading. This is a very interesting attention showing the interest for a senior to choose a residence in Laval.
  5. For seniors who live with a pet, the City of Laval has thought of them well. A municipal policy allows seniors over 65 years of age to be exempted from paying the annual fee for the license and tag of their furry companions. This allows people to enjoy the faithful company of their dog or cat without having to worry about it. Pet owners will undoubtedly appreciate this little attention!

A wide choice of senior residences in Laval

If you’re convinced that choosing a seniors’ residence in Laval is the right choice for you, all that’s left is to find the place that will be the best residence for you or your elderly loved one. Obviously, this will be determined according to your tastes but also your needs. For example, your preferences may be focused on a particular neighbourhood or on the range of activities offered within the residence itself. In terms of your needs, it is important to determine the level of care and assistance that is required. The search can then be directed, depending on the case, towards a residence for autonomous, semi-autonomous or even a person with a loss of autonomy. To go further on this subject, we suggest you read our article presenting 10 good questions to ask yourself in your search for a residence for seniors.

Jardin Zen - Groupe Maurice
Jardin Zen – Groupe Maurice

In Laval, the choice of residences is vast! In fact, there are no less than sixty residences for seniors in Laval. You will undoubtedly find a living environment adapted to your needs among this diversity. There is something for everyone!

Among these choices, there is the possibility of opting for :

  • long-term care facilities;
  • several private residences for seniors;
  • residences for autonomous or semi-autonomous seniors
  • some care facilities ;
  • retirement homes;
  • convalescent homes ;
  • and even some specialized residences for cognitively impaired seniors.
Piscine et Place - Groupe Maurice
Piscine et Place – Groupe Maurice

Our Visavie advisors offer you their help

Faced with this long list of available residences, an important decision must be made in order to choose the most suitable environment. The choice of a residence should not be taken lightly since it is, after all, the living environment in which you or your elderly relative will continue to evolve. It is important to be comfortable there! At Visavie, our mission is to help you through this process. We want to make life easier for seniors and their caregivers. Our residential advisors can guide you in choosing a place where you can enjoy a high quality of life with the utmost dignity.

We have a team of counselors dedicated to the Laval area and its surroundings. These local counselors are familiar with the homes in the area and can analyze your unique situation with you. Each case is different and our team at Visavie will be happy to listen to your needs. Our dedicated advisors will explain your options and help you understand the nuances of each environment. We can also answer your questions. It is only natural that there are many of them, given the importance of such a decision. All of these steps are taken with the goal of helping you find the residence for seniors in Laval that will be the most adapted to both the needs and the desires of the person!

This service is free of charge so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it! Everything can be done at your own pace. In any case, we will be happy to accompany you throughout the process. We can even be by your side until the stage of visiting the residences for seniors in Laval if you wish. Visiting the premises is an important step in order to give you a realistic picture of the residence. We are convinced that you will be able to make an informed choice that will lead you to the best retirement home in Laval.