"There was an abundant amount of anxiety, fear and doubt but you exemplified tremendous empathy."

My Mom was put in touch with Theresa Black-Watson as she was embarking on a huge transition in her life - a critically necessary move to a retirement home.  This was in tandem with the sale of her home she had lived in the past 16 years.

My first discussion with Terry was by phone and it was actually Terry's real estate contact that became my Mom's real estate agent that was successful in selling my Mom's home very quickly.  Terry, my Mom and I worked and communicated together over the course of a few weeks in what was a very stressful time for both my Mom and I.  There was an abundant amount of anxiety, fear and doubt with my Mom but I can say to you that Terry handled the situation with the utmost level of professionalism, sincere care, patience and a reassuring and calm demeanour.  My Mom recently settled in for good at an appropriate home in Ottawa.

Terry clearly went above and beyond her job description throughout this process.  This included after hours telephone and text messages from me, transportation of my Mom and her walker, lengthy telephone calls with my Mom, touring retirement home facilities...and solving a crisis ( or two) along the way.  Terry was excellent with my Mom throughout this time. Patient, understanding, caring and exemplifying tremendous empathy are words that come to mind for me describing Terry helping both my Mom and I.

It is without hesitation I say Theresa Black-Watson is very passionate about her work, a very caring and committed individual to her clients, and obviously a tremendous asset to Visavie in Ottawa.

I would recommend Terry in a second to anyone I would encounter in the future in need of a housing counsellor for seniors.

- Brian, Ottawa

"We were experiencing difficulty trying to find a retirement home for my very particular mother."

Last month I enlisted the help of a VisaVie’s representative by the name of Heather Hyndman. We were experiencing difficulty trying to find a retirement home for my very particular mother. At the time she was on her fourth retirement home and was asking to be moved once again. A friend suggested Visa Vie as they were a great help to her aunt.

Heather Hyndman was amazing. She immediately made a connection with my mother (not an easy task ) and set out to meet my mother’s needs efficiently and effectively. 

This Saturday my mother is moving into a retirement home that she is looking forward to and she credits Heather for finding and negotiating a great deal for her. She told me she preferred dealing with Heather rather than family and was very happy that Heather was her representative. I can't say enough about Heather and her efforts to ensure my mother was happy. She worked long and hard for my mother all the while keeping in touch with my large family. She definitely has the skills required to be very successful in her job.

People like Heather Hyndman makes Visa Vie a company that I will highly recommend to my friends and colleagues in the future.

Thanks for hiring Heather as she is a great asset to your company.


- Brenda Stewart

"You convinced my mom to consider moving into a retirement home"

I would like to thank Visavie and especially Miss. Linda Caron. It is with empathy and professionalism that you have convinced my mother that it was maybe time to consider a retirement community. Also, you made the transition very easy for my mother by finding a residence that satisfied her every need. I will not hesitate to recommend your services. My mother is now happy in the new residence.

*This testimonial was initially received in French

- Jean-Pierre Belisle

“Visavie is just different. You all love what you do and for me that is incredible.”

(…) On side note, this may sound odd but I felt the need to share: Years ago when I said I wanted to open up home for seniors, people would ridicule the idea and tell me that what I was trying to do is impossible. For one I am young and two my idea of what senior living should be like was considered strange. It would be too long to get into, but essentially I wanted to create a dynamic place that is different and I want to adjust the idea of senior living. One of my goals is to bridge the generational gap between our generation and theirs, more so the younger generation.

The reason why I brought that up is because out of all the agencies I have worked with and know about, Visavie is just different. Its one thing for some of you to be kind and refreshing but everyone I have met so far possesses that same genuineness. You all love what you do and for me that is incredible. I think "love" is the greatest agent of change and making a difference. It’s been a great pleasure and privilege to meet all of you, and it’s been great working with you all.

- Mr. Goodridge

“My aunt seems very happy and we've found a comfortable place for us to all be at ease with”

Dear Madame Blier, I just wanted to let you know that my aunt and I visited the recommended residence in Lachine this past Friday to sign the lease.   My aunt had finally decided to take the apartment. She could not bare living at the CHSLD any longer along with the mentally ill. Thank you very much for your assistance.  My aunt seems very happy and I think we've found a comfortable place for us to all be at ease with. Thank you again.

- Michael

“What I felt originally, turned into a dream for a brighter future at this stage for myself.”

There was much thought given to communicate with you directly about one of your Counsellors, Monique Szabo, to whom I was recommended at springtime in regard to a move to one of the Assistant Living Residence,

Reaching this stage where decisions had to be made for a change in lifestyle that I considered drastic.  I could not be more apprehensive about it all.  There was a great deal of stress involved that I somehow managed to keep to myself.

However, there came Monique Szabo, the Counsellor representing your fine Organization whom I had the pleasure of meeting.  Working with her over time where I was  given  access to the respective Residences resulted with July 2nd being the day that I finally made the choice of renting a residence suitable to my needs and in an area that I am familiar with.

In my opinion Monique Szabo was a lifesaver for me.    Her approach - her total professionalism in all respects was unique indeed.  She proved to be very kind, thoughtful and completely understanding. She not only was very informative as to whatever questions I had in mind but she was very quick to respond. Most importantly, she was so very patient. My concerns and fears (and there were many) were whisked away in time. What I had felt originally about the move was like living a nightmare for awhile that turned into a dream for a brighter future at this stage for myself.

It was entirely on my own to write you personally about my experience with Monique to whom I shall always be grateful.   At the same time I would like to express my opinion that Visavie does live up to the contents of your Brochure.  I shall be pleased to recommend your organization to anyone else who may find oneself in the same position as I found myself in at this time.

- Mrs Lenore Frohman

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