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The Perfect Valentine’s Day story: The Campbells

This couple of 63 years was in need to find a retirement home. June, caregiver to her husband Bob, and had fallen sick from the exhaustion…

Signs Your Parent Should Consider Retirement Home Living

A holiday gathering is a good opportunity to analyze the situation, involve the family in important discussions, and make worthwhile New Year's resolutions.

Retirement Home Living: Ending the Holiday Blues

If your senior loved one has the Holiday Blues, their condition might be cured by the warmth, companionship and fun that lies ahead in retirement home living.

How to Approach a Loved One About Retirement Home Living

At Visavie, we understand the delicateness with which this process must be handled, and we’re here to help you get the conversation started. 

Carole, the oldest of four siblings, is caught between her obligations, life,  job, as well as caring for her mother who is increasingly requiring more assistance. 

Living with dementia: At home or in a care residence?

Paul has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. If his condition deteriorates, can he stay at home or it will be necessary to find him a care residence?

Valentine’s Day at a Retirement Residence

Contrary to popular belief, retirement residences provide socialization and stimulation and help residents meet other people and put an end to solitude and isolation.   

Santa Claus is moving!

After hundreds of years of dedicated service, Santa Claus finally decided to take a well-deserved retirement and move to a place where he could fully enjoy life, worry-free. 

To better serve seniors and their families

Staying home or choosing a retirement home? From now on, whatever the services you are looking for to help your parents, it is all available at:

My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

At this point, emotions can overwhelm you and are often combined with an agonizing dilemma between feelings of guilt and the demands of such a situation. Therefore, it is important to be properly accompanied, advised and guided. 

Are your services really free?

Yes, it’s true, our services are completely free! Here’s why and how we help you make the right decision in choosing the perfect retirement home.

The difference between public and private residences

We agree, navigating between both public and private retirement homes can sometimes be quite a difficult task. After all, aren’t they all senior residences? Yes, however...

Invitation : Time to stop abuse and restore respect

On June 15th, the team of Visavie In Ontario is proud to invite you to a Wine and Cheese Tasting fundraiser benefiting the Crisis Bed program for seniors.

Thank you Theresa Black-Watson

Terry clearly went above and beyond her job description throughout this process : after hours telephone and text messages from me, transportation of my Mom and lengthy phone calls with my Mom,..


Maria, Caregiver to her mother

I am a 56 year old woman looking after her elderly mother who is still living on her own but in loss of autonomy. Is placing my mother into a senior’s residence the best possible solution?

Thank you Heather Hyndman

Last month I enlisted the help of a VisaVie’s representative by the name of Heather Hyndman. We were experiencing difficulty trying to find a retirement home for my very particular mother.

Memory loss or Alzheimer?

For many people, an aging parent’s memory issues are automatically linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Yet, memory losses are only a part of the problem...

Fernand's cross road

Last Christmas, all of Fernand’s children were gathered with him. They had the opportunity to understand that their father isn’t getting younger. Fatigued, Fernand seemed distracted all day long despite the presence of his grandchildren around him.

Know all the available resources

There are currently about 2,000 residences for seniors in operation in Quebec. Each of these residences caters to various needs, preferences, with different types of services and budget. But which one should you choose?

Opening the discussion with your parents

The holiday season is the perfect time to gather the whole family, help each other and maybe, open the discussion about your parents' situation.

Save time and make the right choice

Did you know that, without help, the process of finding a retirement home could take you up to 137 hours!

Navigating Ottawa's Retirement Living Landscape

Collaborating with The Council on Aging of Ottawa, Visavie will be presenting "Navigating Ottawa's retirement Living Landscape" lunch and learn, Wednesday, December 2nd.



Now recruiting in Outaouais region!

Ready for a new challenge?

Looking to reorient your career and make a difference in people's life? You'd love to be self employed with the administrative support of an organized company?

Pole dancing at 70!

Despite being 70-years-old, Dai Dali has managed to win praise for her talents in the bendy sport, which she took up after retiring. 

Free to make the best decision

Working with a Visavie advisor means you remain free to choose the residence that suits YOU.

In this video Francine delievers a testimony on sharing, kindness, hope and the power of a piece of chocolate.


Could 1 glass of wine a day keep Alzheimer away?

According to a study, to consume 1 glass of wine a day would be beneficial in the prevention of the Alzheimer's disease.

Fred and I have signed our lease!

Thank you Chantal! I am so happy to know about Visavie Trois-Rivières and especially happy to know you. Because of you, I have found the perfect home for Fred and I.

Welcome to Visavie new website!

Visavie is proud to announce the launch of its new website ! Designed to better serve you by offering improved functionality, sleek layout and user-friendly design, this new website has been reorganized to provide you with a simpler, more effective and intuitive way to navigate and access key information to …

Choosing  The Most Appropriate Type Of Residence

Did you know that there are almost 2000 senior residence facilities in Quebec and Ontario? With so many to choose from, how do you know which one best suits your needs?

The Sandwich Generation: Stuck Between Your Parents and Children

Trapped between their children and their parents, this generation saw their family responsibilities grew in part because longer life expectancy. We call it the Sandwich generation.

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