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Preventing injuries among seniors : staying safe and active

When reaching retirement age, staying active for as long as possible is a completely natural desire ! You may want to continue to move around, enjoy the activities you love and, above all, maintain maximum independence. However, the risk of accidental injury among the elderly is a reality that needs to be considered. Falls represent the most frequent type of injury. It is indeed estimated that about 1 in 3 seniors are victims of falls every year. Prevention of injuries in seniors is therefore particularly important.

At Visavie, the well-being of seniors is an absolute priority. Through compassionate support and personalized home care services, we are committed to helping seniors stay active and safe at the same time !

Accidental injuries among seniors : an overview of the situation

Injuries that are the most frequently encountered among seniors are falls, transportation accidents, intoxication / poisoning, drowning, fires, burns, and more. It is important to note that injuries may occur at any age. However, the incidence increases with age, as older adults are more inclined to be involved in accidents through their daily activities.

Caution is therefore essential to always maintain a safe environment, especially for seniors living alone at home.

Identifying risks to better prevent injuries at home

By definition, an accident refers to an event occurring suddenly and unexpectedly. This means, of course, that they cannot always be avoided. However, prevention does help to limit their consequences. By identifying the key risk factors, it is possible to reduce the potential sources of danger, to minimize injuries among seniors.

Here are some risk factors to be aware of, associated with the most common injuries occurring in seniors :

  • Decreased physical function ;
  • Loss of muscular strength ;
  • Osteoporosis ;
  • Visual and/or hearing problems;
  • Chronic diseases ;
  • Cognitive disorders ;
  • Balance impairment ;
  • Use of certain medications and/or drug interactions ;
  • Living environment not sufficiently adapted ;
  • Social isolation / loneliness ;
  • etc.

If you notice any of these risk factors, either for yourself or for an elderly relative, it is important to adopt specific strategies in order to prevent injuries.

Falls prevention for seniors : 9 useful tips

Because falls are considered the most common cause of injury among the elderly, their prevention deserves special attention. Here are a few practical tips that can be put into action in everyday life to help limit the associated risks.

  1. Make sure you may benefit from support at home (family, friends, neighbors, caregivers, home care services, etc.) as well as an active social life ;
  2. Place handrails and grab bars in strategic areas of the home (stairs, hallways, bathroom, etc.);
  3. Install a non-slip mat in the shower or bath ;
  4. Use the walking aids recommended by the medical team ;
  5. Wear appropriate footwear ;
  6. Make sure your home has adequate light and is well organized ;
  7. Eat a healthy, balanced diet ;
  8. Adopt proper sleep habits ;
  9. Keep up a safe, moderate level of physical activity to maintain good muscle strength, especially in the lower body.

It is interesting to know that some falls prevention programs can be suggested to you by a healthcare professional, such as your doctor or physiotherapist. These programs are designed to optimize your balance and minimize falls, while promoting a safe and active lifestyle.

Home care services for seniors : a valuable resource for maintaining maximum autonomy

At Visavie, we know that each senior’s personal reality is unique. And that everyone is deserving the very best.

For some, living in a seniors’ residence is the best solution, offering a secure environment with a wide range of services and support. For others, continuing to live in the comfort of home and enjoying full autonomy is the most advantageous option. Home care certainly represents an excellent alternative for many seniors, as well as their families. Thanks to these kinds of services, every senior can benefit from a safe and secure environment, while continuing to fully enjoy the very best of life !

By providing an attentive ear and a great sense of empathy, Visavie‘s professional caregivers are able to offer personalized support to ensure the safety of your elderly loved ones. In this regard, home care services are an excellent way of preventing injuries among seniors.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of our services ? Do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated senior living advisors, who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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