Emergency placement in a seniors' residence

Presentation of a first selection of residences for seniors


Presentation of a first selection of retirement homes for seniors

Once the analysis of your needs is completed, our housing advisors continue their work for you. They will take the time to study what has been discussed during this first meeting in order to present you with a first selection of residences for seniors. At this stage, the goal is to save you precious time. And to avoid any unnecessary stress. Each Visavie advisor knows in detail the reality of the seniors’ residences in his or her region. Based on your needs, your preferences and your personality, he or she will be able to present you with a first series of residences that correspond to your reality.

The main types of residences for seniors that exist in Quebec

  • all private residences for autonomous seniors ;
  • private residences for semi-autonomous seniors;
  • CHSLDs for the frail elderly;
  • some private residences specialized for seniors suffering from Alzheimer‘s or other mild cognitive disorders.

At Visavie, we are familiar with the various seniors’ residences available in each region. Our presentation of a first selection of seniors’ residences will therefore be faithful to the availability in your area but especially to your needs. This will save you from having to do extensive research in order to discover each of the retirement homes in your area. Especially since it is often difficult to evaluate a place by relying only on the photos on the website or on an advertisement. These searches on the internet, or in local newspapers for example, can give a first impression. However, they do not replace the expertise of our seniors’ residence consultants. Don’t worry, you are still in control of your decision at all times.

There are several criteria to consider during this reflection process:

  • the location of the residence ;
  • the services that are offered
  • the amenities included;
  • the cost of the rent ;
  • etc.

Our goal is to help you make the right choice while simplifying your life. We will share our best advice with you and hope to save you a lot of time!