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Seniors’ safety: a real priority!

Since this must be a public health priority in our society, we invite you to learn more about the challenges faced by seniors, the main risks, and the best practices to adopt. All, with the aim of preventing these problems, ensuring greater safety and well-being for all seniors, regardless of their situation. World Patient Safety…

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Digital Literacy for Seniors: Exploring the Benefits and Challenges

In a world where technology is omnipresent daily, digital literacy for seniors is a key factor to be considered. With the aim to ensure social inclusion, digital education for seniors appears as an effective solution allowing the elderly population to stay involved in society, to maintain an active life, and to avoid the harmful effects…

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Preventing injuries among seniors : staying safe and active

When reaching retirement age, staying active for as long as possible is a completely natural desire ! You may want to continue to move around, enjoy the activities you love and, above all, maintain maximum independence. However, the risk of accidental injury among the elderly is a reality that needs to be considered. Falls represent…

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Les bienfaits de la danse chez les aînés

The benefits of dancing for seniors

The 7 benefits of dancing for seniors Having fun, moving your body, and expressing yourself; there is certainly no age limit to the many benefits of dancing. A popular activity among the retired population, it is an excellent way to stay active. The benefits of dancing for seniors are numerous and increasingly well known. Whether…

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5 Winter Activities for Seniors

5 good ways for seniors to stay active this winter. As cold and snowy weather arrives, the reality is that some outdoor activities can become more challenging for seniors. However, there are also some great alternatives to consider. Even in winter, it is still as important as ever to keep moving on a regular basis.…

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activités automnales idéales pour les aînés

Activities for Seniors in Autumn: 5 interesting suggestions

5 Ideal Activities for Seniors in Autumn Summer is already coming to an end? But the good news is that another amazing season is just ahead. With its beautiful colors, mild temperatures and charming landscapes, autumn has a lot to offer. No matter your age, you can enjoy a wide choice of activities to fully…

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