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Category: Parents Help

Nutrition chez les aînés épisode 2

Nutrition for Seniors : Protein and fiber

Still with Louis Sirois, CEO of Visavie and Josée Thibodeau, co-author of the book “Au menu des 65 ans et plus”, we will see the importance of eating a balanced diet and the role that protein and fibre play in this video dedicated to nutrition for seniors.

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Assurance vie pour aînés

Life insurance for seniors

Although many insurance companies set a limit for their life insurance policies, there are always exceptions. Precisely because reality does not always conform to this circumstance and there are those who, at age 65 and over, have never thought about this issue before.

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Nutrition episode 1

Nutrition for seniors

Good nutrition for seniors is an important step in aging well. It can help maintain the senior’s health and independence. However, we find that seniors pay less attention to their nutritional needs. Nutrition is often taken lightly, if at all.

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Aides Gouvernementales

Government Grants for Seniors in Residence

Government grants and supporting programs for seniors who live in residences An elderly relative, or even yourself, are thinking about moving to a seniors’ residence ? In front of this decisive event in a lifetime, it’s totally normal to have a lot of questions. A recurring issue is the fear of not being able to…

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Selling your house

Selling your house

Moving into a retirement home for an elderly person often goes hand in hand with selling their property. Selling your house is a very long and meticulous process where the slightest mistake can have serious consequences. To help you see things more clearly, Louis Sirois, Chief Executive Officer of Visavie and Sophie Gerin-Lajoie, Real Estate…

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The Will

Notary for seniors – episode 3: The Will

If you are concerned about how your assets will be distributed, or what will happen to them when something happens to us, making a Will is an important step. A Will ensures that our loved ones will be taken care of in case something happens to them and that the assets we have left behind…

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Protection Mandate

Notary for seniors – episode 2: Protection Mandate

The Protection Mandate is a contract that organizes the future protection of a person in the event that he or she is vulnerable and unable to take care of his or her own personal affairs. Indeed, when an elderly person is no longer capable of making decisions for himself, the Protection Mandate allows him to…

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Power of Attorney

Notary for seniors – episode 1: The power of attorney

In this first episode dedicated to the notary for seniors, we discuss the subject of power of attorney with Louis Sirois, CEO of Visavie, and Stéphanie Roy of ETTIC Société Notariale. Episode 1 of this new series of training capsules focuses on the power of attorney. It allows us to authorize a person to act…

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