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Our home care services for seniors

Aide à domicile et Soins à domicile pour personnes âgées
Catégorie : Home Help  

At Visavie, our mission is to offer you home care services for seniors that meet your needs. In this sense, we try to always give you the best advice for quality home care. Our trained staff will ensure that every senior who wishes can stay in the comfort of their own home. With home help, it can be safe to continue living at home for your own well-being or that of your elderly loved one.

Support services for meal planning and preparation

Among the home care services for seniors most in demand, food assistance occupies an important place. With good reason, eating well should remain a priority regardless of age! At Visavie, we believe that well balanced meals should remain at the heart of a healthy lifestyle for all seniors.

Help with preparing daily meals

Our professional caregivers at Visavie support seniors in planning and preparing meals. Need help with shopping for weekly meals? Maybe even to prepare the grocery list? Our caregivers will be there to provide the necessary support to the supermarket if needed!

When they get home, they will be able to cook delicious meals that suit the tastes of the elderly person. Question to take full advantage of the pleasures of eating! You can even adjust to the person’s favorite foods. In addition to this, our caregivers can of course adapt to dietary restrictions, diets and diets as needed.

With this home help service for meal planning and preparation, the pantry and refrigerator can stay full. Fresh and delicious food will therefore be available for a balanced diet that combines health and the pleasure of eating!

Home help for taking meals

If necessary, our professional caregivers can also help the elderly, in the comfort of their own home, with mealtaking. This help service is much appreciated because it also allows a comforting presence during meals, which represent an important part of the day. Being well accompanied while eating a good meal allows you to enjoy the pleasures of the table much more. This gives the opportunity for an elderly person with a loss of autonomy to still continue to enjoy life while staying at home.

For more information on our home food assistance services, do not hesitate to contact us: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Visavie, our advisors are there to help you and answer to all your questions.

Home care for personal hygiene and washing

If your elderly parent is losing their independence but still wishes to stay at home, home help with personal hygiene and grooming becomes an important service. We know that personal care is a priority for the health, comfort, well-being and dignity of the person. Our qualified professional helpers will do what is necessary to provide quality service for the following daily tasks:

  • a bathing assistance service;
  • help with the toilet;
  • help with clothing;
  • as well as incontinence care as needed.

Does a loved one who lives at home have difficulty dressing or undressing on their own? Or is it becoming a difficult task to wash yourself? Do not hesitate to tell them about our personal hygiene assistance services which are carried out with respect for the dignity of the person. They will certainly be grateful to you!

Transport and mobility assistance service

For an elderly person with a loss of autonomy or with reduced mobility, a transport and mobility assistance service is available. At Visavie, our qualified team supports seniors in their daily lives with this home service.

Here are some examples of available help:

  • transport and transfer services;
  • help you find a driver to get you to your appointments;
  • provide you with an escort during your outings;
  • assistance with mobility inside and outside the home;
  • and even more according to needs and requests.

Safe accompaniment during outings and walks

When a senior can no longer fully enjoy their independence, there is a risk of isolation. This is why it is essential to keep a certain share of social life. With our caring caregivers, various services are available for seniors:

  • accompaniment for outdoor walks;
  • assistance service for cultural and leisure outings;
  • support for visits to relatives (family or friends);
  • and more as assistance with errands or going shopping.

Being able to pursue social, cultural and leisure activities allows any elderly person to maintain a good balance. It’s as good for your physical health as it is for your morale!

Support and assistance service for medical appointments

We know the importance of a medical appointment! Whether it is for a visit to the doctor or another health professional, such as a physiotherapist or a podiatrist, for example, our team of helpers will be present. Our support service for medical appointments provides invaluable help. If necessary, we can even help plan these various visits.

We want your elderly loved one to be able to attend their hospital appointment while enjoying safe and pleasant support. It also avoids unnecessary stress.

At Visavie, we care about the safety and well-being of seniors. Whether inside or outside the home, the goal is to provide safe support. In order to facilitate the daily life of seniors who choose to stay at home. We hope that our presence in all types of trips can help reassure both the user and his family.

Home care services for seniors with daily chores

We all know that having a home involves a lot of maintenance and chores in everyday life. Fortunately, home help with daily chores is an ideal solution for seniors who want to stay at home. Thus, your elderly relatives will have the care and services they need for their daily activities. This assistance, offered by our dedicated professional caregivers, also helps avoid the overload placed on caregivers and family.

These home help services may include:

  • meal preparation;
  • dressing aid;
  • toilet and hygiene;
  • accompaniment for outings;
  • housework ;
  • laundry ;
  • maintenance of the outdoor grounds;
  • transport services;
  • and even more according to the needs of each senior.

For more information on our home help services, please do not hesitate to contact us at Visavie. Our attentive advisers will then be happy to answer your questions and will put you at ease.

A reassuring night presence

Staying at home after retirement has many benefits. However, it can also be worrying to know that an elderly loved one who is so dear to us does not have the necessary assistance in case of need in the middle of the night. Our home help service for a night presence is there for that! This support is meant to be reassuring, as much for the elderly as for those around them. The presence of our caregivers will therefore allow everyone to sleep well and in complete safety.

At Visavie, our support services are available according to your needs. Our hours are flexible and can be adjusted to your requests. Whether it’s for full-time or part-time home help for seniors, day or night, our professional caregivers can be there for your elderly parents. We want to provide our customers and their families with much-deserved peace of mind.

Help with the care of pets

A pet is without a doubt a member of the family. This is why we at Visavie understand the importance that an elderly person living at home can place on their pet. In addition to understanding it well, we can even provide the necessary assistance for the proper care of pets for seniors.

Whether it is to go for a walk, feed the cat or act as a companion during an appointment with the veterinarian, you can count on our care. Here are some examples of this home help service:

  • accompaniment during walks with the dog;
  • feed the pet;
  • help with changing cat litter;
  • accompany the elderly person during appointments with the veterinarian;
  • and many other quality moments with our precious companions, the pets!

To find out more, we invite you to contact our advisors. They can provide you with information on all the services offered for personalized home help. At Visavie, we have the well-being of our seniors at heart. This willingness even translates into the good care of their pets.

Home care services for seniors: postoperative care

Has a parent of yours who still lives at home recently had the operation? Even being fully independent, it is quite normal to need assistance during the healing time after some surgeries. At Visavie, we want to do everything possible to help seniors who choose to continue living at home. Our home assistance services for postoperative care therefore allow seniors to receive the care appropriate to their situation. It is therefore possible to ensure a good rehabilitation while remaining in the comfort of the home.

The postoperative care offered can be adjusted according to the needs of each senior. Our trained caregivers are available 24 hours a day if needed. Whether you need it part-time or full-time, you can count on the Visavie team for a personalized home help service. With our post-hospital care, we want any senior to be able to recover as quickly as possible while enjoying a pleasant convalescence taking place at home.

Specialized home care: Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s or other dementias

Among the wide range of services offered at Visavie, you will find specialized home care for people affected by Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. We know that these health problems are difficult for the sufferer as well as for those around them. Caregivers and families therefore also need support. It is natural to wonder how to deal with an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s. Please note that our specialized care for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease can be of great help. And that we can provide you with the advice and support you need. Better understanding Alzheimer’s, for example, can make a big difference in the approach taken to such a cognitive disorder.

Our caring team will ensure that appropriate home care is provided to seniors suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease or any other dementia. Despite the difficulties associated with such diagnoses, it will be easier for an elderly person to continue living at home while maintaining maximum autonomy and independence. Your elderly relatives will thus enjoy a better quality of life in the comfort of their home or apartment. And this provides invaluable peace of mind for the family and those around the senior.

To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact our hard-working advisors at Visavie. They will take the time to explain all of the home help services for seniors available to you. You will find that there are a lot more of them than you might think! Our benevolent home care, the presence of our experienced professional caregivers as well as our reassuring advice will allow your elderly loved ones to continue living at home in peace.