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Nutrition for seniors

Nutrition episode 1
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Good nutrition for seniors is an important step in aging well. It can help maintain the senior’s health and independence.

However, we find that seniors pay less attention to their nutritional needs. Nutrition is often taken lightly, if at all. As seniors age, they may lose their appetite and desire to cook as their needs increase. That’s why, in this new series of videos on nutrition for seniors, we’ll look at how to get seniors excited about eating well again by offering simple solutions that anyone can do. To help you see things more clearly, Louis Sirois, CEO of Visavie, and Josée Thibodeau, co-author of the book “Au menu des 65 ans et plus”, discuss the subject of nutrition and how to help seniors eat better every day.

Nutrition for seniors and why is it important?

Nutrition is key to a healthy aging process. It is important for seniors because as we age, our bodies change and need more nutrients than when we were younger! The best way to get around this problem? A balanced diet. Because yes, a senior’s body changes as they age, and so do their nutritional needs. For example, some seniors need more protein in their diet, while others may have difficulty absorbing nutrients because of an illness or condition affecting the digestive system; still others find that fewer calories are sufficient each day without feeling hungry at all.

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The importance of good nutrition for seniors

Living longer and healthier

There are many benefits to eating well, including living longer and stronger. Good nutrition can boost your immunity and fight toxins that cause disease in the body, while keeping weight under control for those with appetite problems or managing the symptoms of diabetes, such as high blood pressure due to infection causing inflammation around the organs and leading to heart disease or stroke, etc. In addition to physical activity, you should make sure there is plenty of fruit at breakfast, as this has been shown to improve bone density!

Feeling better

As we’ve seen, good, healthy meals can give seniors more energy. But eating well also helps you look better, which in turn improves your mood and self-esteem. It’s all connected: when the body feels good, we’re happier inside and out.

Transcript of the article Nutrition for Seniors:

Hello Louis Sirois from Visavie. Today we have a very, very special session. We’re going to talk about nutrition. Over the last few months, I had the chance to read this great book that is on the menu. It’s a book that was written by Louise Lambert-Lagacé and Josée Thibodeau, who is with us today, Josée.

I found this book fascinating and we’re going to do three vigdeos, the first of which is entitled “Why eating well is so important”. So, Josée is going to try to introduce us to nutrition for seniors. What are we looking at? And why is it so important for a senior to eat well?

I understand that it’s for everyone, but specifically. I would say that at each stage of life, different needs, probably. So as you get older from 65 on, the needs change. For example, the need for protein is greater, something that we are not necessarily aware of often.

And sometimes appetite decreases at the same time. So, more needs, less appetite. It means putting food on our plates that will really give us the nutritional value. Every bite we take counts and it counts.

Why is this? Because nutrition is about maintaining energy, being able to go about your business. It is also to maintain a good musculature, healthy bones, therefore to be able to move, to be able to lift objects.

This is really part of our physical health, but it also influences our mood. It influences the fact that we are more or less lively, depending on the quality of our food. For energy, for strength.

For the good mood, I would say that it is important to continue to eat well, especially as we age. We can see this with our clientele. Children call us on a multitude of subjects, but nutrition is not necessarily at the forefront.

Then, with what you just said, nutrition has an impact on all the other elements on which the balance is based. I could go on and on for two hours. But the center is this. When you nourish your body well, you’re going to be able to do everything you say.

We realize that the children will help to put things in the fridge and if it is already prepared, it will facilitate things. It’s when we know that seniors who are alone tend to eat less well.

So if they are able to do it with friends or children, eating with them is something that is written in the book. It motivates them to eat well. It’s certain that when you’re alone, you tend to neglect your food a little more, standing at the end of the counter.

It’s harder to get what you need when you don’t feel like cooking anymore. So much the better if the children are present to put food in the fridge.

Then to have food that is already prepared to cook because cooking for a larger quantity, sometimes, the elderly person is less at ease, then has less taste to do it, so at least the interest to have food that is already cooked.

That’s good. It really helps. Because when you look at the nutritional quality, it’s obvious that homemade recipes are often the most winning recipes in terms of nutrition. In this sense, we are not mistaken. In some cases, however, we can also use home delivery services for pre-cooked menus.

Whether this will allow the person to eat, because it is important to be able to have our three meals a day and meals and snacks as needed, depends on each individual.

It depends on each individual. But if we can’t manage to have a more substantial meal, it may be necessary to stagger the meals with snacks. Then the choices you mention. Meals that are already prepared, that you buy either in grocery stores or by delivery.

The supply has been incredible for the last two or three years, it’s crazy. So, don’t skimp on that, it can already help. So, conclusion on this episode 1 the nutrition for seniors is at the center of the health of this senior there, either cognitive or physical.

So we don’t skimp on that, that aspect there, it’s hyper important and we’ll go further in episode 2. Josée thank you. And then we’ll see you in episode 2. Thank you very much.