Valentine’s Day at a Retirement Residence

Valentine’s Day at a Retirement Residence

Valentine’s Day at a Retirement Residence

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. No matter what your age, you have the right to be happy and to spend time with your soulmate or a loved one.

But as the years pass, life changes and takes its toll on our health. Some people become isolated, cut themselves off from others and stop going out. 

Contrary to popular belief, retirement residences provide socialization and stimulation and help residents meet other people and put an end to solitude and isolation. 

Here are a few examples of romantic activities that are much easier for seniors to do in a retirement residence than alone at home:

1. A walk 

In a retirement residence, residents have access to a larger pool of walking partners than if they lived alone. Choose your lucky partner, bundle up, grab a hot beverage and head out for a friendly stroll.

Many residences have outdoor spaces that are great for taking a walk and enjoying nature and observing passers-by. Who knows, maybe your stroll will take a romantic turn?

If you have a disability or an illness that keeps you from exercising, retirement residences also have common areas that are perfect for chatting, such as a library, a living room with a fireplace, a dining area and even a pool table.

2. A dance class

Many retirement residences offer group activities, workshops and even dance classes. It’s a wonderful way to meet people!

In addition to being a fun, social activity, dancing is a great cardiovascular workout that will get your heart pumping. Or is it your partner doing that?

Experts say that you can even reduce the risk of developing certain degenerative illnesses by dancing with a partner at least twice a week!

3. A romantic dinner

Instead of taking the trouble to cook or make a reservation in a busy restaurant, just head down to the dining room in your residence!

You’ll meet lots of interesting people who were just waiting for you to come along. If you are already in a relationship, what could be better than ditching the apron to wine and dine your sweetheart?

And if you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your family, the loves of your life, some residences offer private dining rooms for your events and wine cellars to store your good bottles.

4. Film festival

Movie theatres will likely also be packed on Valentine’s Day, to say nothing of their parking lots. Avoid the crowds and long lines and take in a movie from the comfort of your own residence!

Most retirement residences have an in-house movie theatre. Join your friends or cozy up to your sweetie for a movie night. Enjoy your favourite snacks and beverage—no one will judge you! 

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

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