Opening the discussion with your parents

Opening the discussion with your parents

A Gathering Time

On a daily basis, everyone is very busy. Your parents have their routine, and you have yours. Between all your responsibilities, you probably don’t always have the time to visit them, or to note they begin to have difficulties to carry out some tasks. The holiday season is the perfect time to gather the whole family, help each other and maybe open the discussion about your parents’ situation.

Opening the Discussion

If you notice that it might be the time for your parents to think about leaving their current home to move in a retirement home, start by talking about it with the interested people: your parents. Do not be afraid to ask them what they think about the idea, and question them about their daily life, the tasks to carry out, their health, the difficulties they may meet, or even the activities they would like to do. This will allow you to make your mind and to let your parents stay in control of their own life projects.

You can also address the matter with your brothers and sisters. They probably did not see your parents on the same times as you during the year. Accordingly, they may have notice things you did not note. Their point of view on the subject may also be different than yours, but they must still support your parents.

Respecting Their Choice

If the idea is not theirs, it is possible that your parents might be reluctant to move in a retirement home, even if you think it would be the best for them. It is better to address things smoothly, at their pace, and to study any option with them.

After all, even though your parents are old or obviously losing their autonomy, they are still reasonable persons. So it is important for them to keep control on their choices, whatever they may be.

Understanding their needs and the options

A good way to pursue the discussion with your parents is to meet a Visavie housing counsellor for seniors. It is a free service, without any obligation. You and your parents will be informed about the type of retirement homes available; your parents will keep the final word, and your role sums up to supporting them.

It could be that despite their situation, your parents might not be ready to move but still need help in their daily activities. Depending on their needs and level of autonomy, your Visavie counsellor can suggest the services of our affiliate Home Instead offering companionship, home care and personal care.

Visavie, to make the right choice

For the past 30 years now, the specialized counsellors in senior housing of Visavie have provided their support in the consideration, the search, and the choice of the perfect retirement home, meeting the needs, interests and budget of seniors. Autonomy level, required care, neighborhood, activities and services offered… Everything will be taken into account, and the counsellor will be able to suggest various possibilities and even to accompany you in your visits.

More than 150,000 families have already trusted Visavie. So, why would you do without us?

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