To better serve seniors and their families

To better serve seniors and their families

Recent surveys found that more than half of people aged 65 and over are affected by a disability, and Quebec’s Institut de la statistique predicts that one quarter of the province’s population will be part of this age group by 2031. This means that one in four families will be faced with challenging decisions about their parents’ well-being: Home care or retirement home? What type of housing is best? What are the associated costs? Find the help you need

Visavie and Home Instead, two experienced companies known for providing quality services to seniors and their families, have joined forces. From now on, all the help you need to find services for your parents is available at:

Visavie has been the leading network of housing counsellors for seniors in Quebec and Ontario since 1988. Home Instead, which was founded in 1994, is the largest international home care service provider for seniors.

Living at home or in a retirement home

Both Visavie and Home Instead strive to respond to the specific needs of seniors and their families. Therefore, it is very important that we understand these needs and keep in mind that seniors will respond to the available choices in the following manner: 18% will move into a retirement home by choice or necessity, while 82% will prefer to remain in their own home.

When choosing the best living arrangement, a multitude of factors and challenges need to be considered. Often, it falls to the children of seniors to manage these complex and emotionally charged situations.

If you’re looking for the perfect retirement home, reliable home care services to meet specific needs, or want to evaluate both options before making a choice, our counsellors will be happy to meet with you and gain a better understanding of your situation.

One resource for all of your needs

About 25% of adults over the age of 45—most of them women—divide their time between work, family and the growing needs of their parents. This remarkable dedication can quickly become a heavy responsibility with its share of anxiety.

Turning to Visavie and Home Instead will help create a better situation for everyone.

Visavie offers free assistance for finding a certified retirement home that caters to your needs, preferences and budget. Home Instead offers personalized home care plans, along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your parents are in good hands.

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