Fernand's cross road

Fernand's cross road

The holiday season is often an opportunity for gatherings with friends and family, and for sharing special moments with our loved ones. As a matter of fact, last Christmas, all of Fernand’s children were gathered with him. They had the opportunity to understand that their father isn’t getting younger. Fatigued, Fernand seemed distracted all day long despite the presence of his grandchildren around him.

Acknowledging the situation

Since his wife passed away a few years ago, Fernand lives alone in a big house he struggles to maintain. Among pruning the hedges, mowing the lawn, the small indoor repairs, the groceries and preparing his meals, Fernand can't seem to get ahead and some of these chores are just too demanding. His children are all working, and caught up with their own responsibilities, it’s hard for them to find the time to visit. “But they are good kids, they call every week.”

Sylvie, Fernand’s eldest, became all the more worried when she saw her father was a little aimless and his fridge almost empty. She brought up the subject and discussed it with her brothers and sisters. They all agreed on the fact that their father can't keep on living like this, and none of them can maintain the house full time.

Moreover, Fernand is 87 years old and his diabetes requires regular medical follow ups.. His hips problems do not help either, and make it hard for him to reach his bedroom upstairs. But Fernand is resourceful and he had the idea to settle down in what was previously his home office on the main floor.

Choosing a retirement home

His children, concerned about their father's situation, concluded that an adapted retirement home would probably be the best solution for his well-being. But, what are his medical needs short and long term, his social preferences and his budget? The home would have to be at a reasonable distance from his children's homes, but it should also offer attractive services and activities and should include meals and housekeeping services. With so many resources to choose from, how would they make the right choice?

Marie, the youngest daughter, suggested to contact Visavie. She knows a few friends who benefited from this company's services. Visavie specialize in retirement homes search, and Marie heard very good comments about it.

Brothers and sisters are all aware that this change of home will affect their father's daily life, and that it will represent a significant milestone in his life. Thus, they should not choose at random, but rather discuss it with experts. Fernand, aware of the situation, agrees with this decision as long as he keeps the final word.

Helping you find the best resource

With more than 35 Senior Housing Counsellors across Quebec and Ontario, Visavie offers its services for free, since they are covered by Quebec's and Ontario's network of private retirement homes. Visavie has 30 years of expertise and has helped more than 150,000 families to find a senior home that totally matches their needs.

So, why do without?

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