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My mom suffers from loneliness: Here is how Visavie can help

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Let Visavie help you deal with a beloved’s loneliness

“I am helping my mother. She is 71, and it seems she never really managed to mourn my dad’s passing, 2 years ago. She rarely goes out and spends her days watching television. I think my mom suffers from loneliness and a lack of general stimulation. I can visit her from time to time but never as much as I would like and was wondering how we can improve her situation? ” Marie-Josée

Dear Marie-Josée, here at Visavie, we share your concern.

The mourning of a loved one is a difficult process, at any age and even more so after many years of living together. The loss of a spouse sometimes causes changes in lifestyle and even regular habits.

When we consider that people who live alone are 80% more likely to suffer from loneliness or depression than those living with family or socially surrounded, one can legitimately worry about the psychological consequences of senior isolation.

Here is how Visavie can help.

Breaking the Isolation

At Visavie, we understand your concerns, and we recognize that it may be difficult for you to be present for your mother, in the context of an already full and busy life.

For this reason, as soon as you contact the team at Visavie, a consultant will perform a home-based visit, within 24 hours if needed, in order to better understand your mother’s situation, needs and preferences. With this information, your mother will be paired with a professional caregiver based on their common interests and of course, your mother’s personality. The paired caregiver who visits your mother will always be the same, in order to create a trusting and respectful relationship.

Companionship Services

The companionship services at Visavie can help to break both loneliness and isolation of the senior population, aiding them in meeting the basic need of socialization.

The chosen caregiver may accompany your mother during physical activities, cultural outings or different types of entertainment, make conversation and keep her company,  read to her, play cards or any other social game, even provide overnight care – offering a reassuring presence. All these to help your loved one fight against loneliness.

These are just a few examples of the services that Visavie is capable of offering, to ensure that your mother is happy, safe and you have peace of mind.

Happily living at Home

For over 20 years, the professional caregivers at Visavie support families with a single objective: to provide seniors with the opportunity to remain at home, by providing them with a caring presence as well as constant support through the building of a lasting and trustful relationship.

Whatever the situation may be, Visavie will provide the answers to your needs and meet your expectations. Allow us to prove it to you!

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