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Your loved one was diagnosed with Alzheimer and you need to find a retirement home suited to his needs. We can help, free of charge.

“My father of 85 years has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. At the hospital, the social worker referred me to your services in order to help me find a home suited to his needs. How can you help me?” ­-Catherine

Dear Catherine, 

Choosing a retirement home for a loved one is a difficult task. Emotions can overwhelm you and are often combined with an agonizing dilemma between feelings of guilt and the demands of such a situation. Therefore, it is important to be properly accompanied, advised and guided.

Ask help from a Senior Living Advisor

At this point, you’ve probably lived through a whole range of situations and emotions: questioning how the disease will continue to develop, mourning a part of your father, feelings of guilt, the inability to help in everyday life, difficulties understanding the disease, discovering new needs, perhaps even personality changes. In summary, this situation is much more complex than you could have imagined.

It is advisable to entrust your approach and efforts to a Senior Living Advisor. Our team are professionals who work in collaboration with health care system professionals. They have a solid and  diverse expertise in Gerontology, Psychology, Nursing, Social Intervention, Counseling and they are at your disposal in order to help you during this transition.

No matter the type of help needed, your advisor will always be available and demonstrate utmost respect and courtesy. Moreover, our services are always free. All costs are covered by the network of private residences, all throughout Quebec and Ontario.

A simple approach focused on your father

On your initial contact with Visavie, we open a file in order to assign you a specialist within your area. This advisor will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your father’s needs and contact the social worker in order to effectively coordinate their efforts. Thereafter, she will select retirement homes that fit your demands.

The advisor will make all appointments with selected residence and accompany you, if you wish, during the visits.

Regardless of the region you are searching, all the resources we recommend meet our high-quality criteria. We regularly evaluate not only the facilities and services offered but also the quality of the personnel on site. We also perform follow-­ups with residents and their families in order to ensure their entire satisfaction and well-­being.

Save precious time and make the right choice

Without Visavie’s support, finding a Senior’s retirement home could take you, an average of 137 hours. 

In working side by side with Visavie, you benefit from 30 years of knowledge, expertise as well as an entire team of professionals ­ completely free of charge and at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why deprive yourself of a service that can truly help your father … and help you?

Find the right Senior Living Advisor in your region, click here

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