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Moving to a seniors’ residence in winter

Moving to a seniors residence in winter
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Moving to a seniors’ residence in winter : 5 benefits

Are you, or an elderly loved one, considering moving to a seniors’ residence ? Regardless of the season, know that there is no wrong time for such an important transition. Even in winter, a move to a retirement home is perfectly possible. For some, it may even be the best time of the year to make sure to take full advantage of their new living environment. With that in mind, let’s discover the main benefits of thinking about moving into a seniors’ residence during winter.

1. Staying out of the harsh winter weather

Through cold weather, ice and heavy snowfall, winter brings its share of challenges. For a senior living alone at home, shoveling and outdoor maintenance can become particularly demanding tasks, especially on a physical level. Not to mention that winter conditions also imply a higher risk for slips and falls on the ice. It is therefore important to always stay careful and vigilant.

If you are thinking about a move into a seniors’ residence, you should know that there is no need to wait until spring. Instead, consider enjoying the cold season in the comfort of a seniors’ residence specially adapted to your needs. This way, you can avoid having to face the harsh winter weather.

2. Healthy social living : a solution against social isolation of seniors during winter

For many people, winter is a convenient time of year to stay at home. For an elderly person living alone at home, this can unfortunately translate into a higher risk of social isolation. Choosing to move to a seniors’ residence can make it easier to enjoy a stimulating and enjoyable social life. As they offer a wide variety of activities always accessible, no matter the season. Swimming in the indoor pool, attending yoga classes, dancing, playing card games with friends, the options are numerous ! By maintaining an active life, both physically and socially, preventing the social isolation of seniors during winter suddenly becomes much easier.

3. Balanced and healthy meals all year round

Your desire to cook is less than it used to be ? Maybe are you also more apprehensive about going out to the grocery store in winter because of the hazardous conditions on the road ? Living in a seniors’ community may actually be the best way to avoid these worries. Retirement homes across Quebec and Ontario are concerned about providing their residents with good and comforting meals. To ensure that every senior has the right to a balanced diet.

Moving to a seniors’ residence in winter, is then an excellent way to have easier access to healthy and tasty meals all year round !

4. Safe transportation service for every senior

In winter, it is well known that the rigorous climate frequently leads to some difficult road conditions. Whether it’s for a medical appointment or a personal outing, it is important to have a safe way to travel when you have to go out. Among the extensive range of services offered by seniors’ residences, mobility and transportation assistance services for seniors are certainly a great benefit to consider. If you, or an elderly relative near you, are thinking of moving soon into a seniors’ residence, an early winter move may be a logical decision. This will allow you to take full advantage of the safe transportation service offered by the residence.

Looking for help to select the best seniors’ home according to your needs ? Please feel free to contact our experienced Visavie counselors who will be happy to guide you, without any fees or obligation.

5. Seniors’ residences : a secure and caring environment to face the winter

If you are looking for peace of mind this winter, or if the responsibilities of maintaining a house are becoming overwhelming, a transition to a seniors’ residence may be a valuable alternative. In a comfortable and safe environment, seniors’ homes offer to their residents all kinds of advantages. For example, even in the coldest months of winter, the variety of activities offered continues to be fully diversified. In order to make sure there is something for every senior.

Interesting about moving to a seniors’ home ? No need to wait until the summer. At Visavie, our mission is to accompany seniors and their families throughout the process, all year long. So be sure to contact our dedicated senior housing counselors who will be happy to guide you through the process of finding the ideal retirement home for you or your elderly loved one. Each Visavie‘s senior advisor takes the necessary time to assist seniors and family caregivers during this important transition. With their precious advice, moving to a seniors’ residence in winter becomes much easier

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