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Home Care : Meal Preparation

Among the most popular home care services for seniors, assistance with feeding is of great importance. With good reason, eating well should remain a priority regardless of age! At Visavie, we believe that balanced meals must remain at the heart of every senior’s healthy lifestyle.

Our meal preparation services

Our professional caregivers at Visavie assist seniors with meal planning and preparation. Need help shopping for the week’s meals? Maybe even prepare the grocery list? Our caregivers will be there to provide the necessary accompaniment to the supermarket if needed!

When they return home, they will be able to cook delicious meals that meet the senior’s tastes. It’s all about enjoying the pleasures of eating! It is even possible to adjust to the person’s favorite dishes or even to dietary restrictions, diets and diets if needed.

With this in-home meal planning and preparation service, the pantry and refrigerator can be kept well stocked. Fresh and delicious food will be available for a balanced diet that combines health and pleasure!

Aide à domicile pour la préparation des repas des personnes âgées.

Home help with meals

If necessary, our professional caregivers can also help seniors, in the comfort of their own home, with meals. This service is very much appreciated because it also provides a comforting presence during meals, which are an important part of the day. Being well accompanied while eating a good meal allows one to enjoy the pleasures of the table much more. This gives an elderly person with a loss of autonomy the opportunity to continue to enjoy life while remaining at home.

The importance of a good meal

In the event of a temporary or permanent loss of autonomy, our professional caregivers help seniors rediscover the pleasure of organizing, preparing and/or enjoying their meals at home, according to their habits and lifestyles. For them or with them, our caregivers prepare dishes adapted to their tastes, desires and diets.

Grocery shopping

Your loved one can no longer get around? Our caregivers are available to do their shopping or accompany them to the grocery store. Depending on their wishes, habits and desires, they will know how to adapt to provide the necessary help and support and allow your loved one to continue to maintain good eating habits.

Of course, the groceries used to prepare the meals can be done by the professional caregiver. But when the senior is physically able, shopping is also an opportunity for him or her to get out, walk around, and exercise safely. This is because the senior is accompanied by a caregiver who can give him or her a hand and help him or her regain confidence. Professional caregivers are trained to stimulate the autonomy of seniors while preventing the risk of falling.

For more information on our home care services for feeding assistance, please contact us: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Visavie, our advisors are there to help you and answer all your questions.

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