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Louis Sirois at Visavie: 15 years of happiness

Louis Sirois Chef de la Direction chez Visavie
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Louis Sirois, Chief Executive Officer at Visavie celebrates his 15th anniversary with the organization. Louis wanted to share his feelings about all this, in an open-hearted letter.

“Many of you have been very kind to send me wonderful wishes for my 15th year at Visavie. If you don’t know the details, let me share a few with you:

I have had the opportunity to work with multiple teams and lead multiple companies during my career but none compare to my experience at Visavie.

I am fortunate to have found my partner Claude Paré with whom I share the same values – humane values ​​which have been the solid foundation allowing us to grow the company to the level where it is today and this, through winds and tides.

In 2006, we were only a small team – less than 10 people specializing in residence search service. Today we are more than 150 people coming to the aid of the elderly, whether it is by finding them a residence that perfectly meets their needs or by providing home care.

Our entire team shares these same values ​​and we all have the same mission at heart: to help as many seniors as possible. We are the leader in Quebec in this niche and the only ones to offer these two services. Our goal is to make life easier for the elderly and their loved ones in times of intense stress – times when they have to make difficult decisions, due to medical or other issues.

And so far, what a joy to be able to share with you the fact that we have helped over 175,000 seniors. Every day is a joy for us to make a real difference by helping families who too often find themselves in complex situations.

In recent years, two of our children have joined the group – Marjorie and Laurent. Once again, the values ​​were there and they have been working hard ever since to continue to fulfill our great mission.

Getting up in at dawn to work with such a fantastic team is an indescribable joy.

Thank you for these 15 years of happiness.”

Louis Sirois