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Loss of independence of the senior: what are the options?

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Loss of autonomy of the senior: what are the options available?

Time passes so quickly; this is something we all have to face one day. As we age, it is all the more common to lose some of our independence compared to our younger years! Fortunately, there are solutions to help us continue to enjoy life! Loss of autonomy of the senior is a reality that can affect everyone’s daily life in very different ways. Depending on the situation and the needs, several options are available to help seniors who are independent, semi-independent or who have a progressive loss of independence. The objective is to allow them a maximum of independence in a context where their well-being and safety are the main concerns.

Natural caregivers to the rescue of their elderly loved ones

When a senior gradually loses his or her autonomy, it is not uncommon for a family member or friend to volunteer to become a natural caregiver. This help can make a real difference for the senior who is losing his or her independence. It will allow the person to remain on familiar ground and benefit from the support of a loved one to maintain maximum independence and freedom. One could therefore say that natural caregivers are truly coming to the rescue of their elderly loved ones!

This role, while often essential for the person who needs it and rewarding for the caregiver, can be very demanding. The caregiver who decides to offer his or her support to a loved one must therefore be aware of the time required and the burden of certain tasks. They must also be able to recognize their limits and know how to surround themselves with the right people. Fortunately, there are resources available to support caregivers who are so dedicated and involved with their loved ones. Sometimes, other family members can also help. In all cases, the caregiver must ensure that he or she maintains a good balance in the other areas of his or her personal life. If you are interested, we have put together some valuable tips on how to balance work and caregiving.

Ask for help

When it becomes too difficult for a family caregiver to carry out all the necessary tasks for a senior who is losing his or her independence, home support services are available. These services are sometimes offered through CLSCs, among others. Do not hesitate to contact our counsellors at Visavie who will be able to inform you about the different options. The goal is to offer the best to your elderly loved one who is so dear to you. All the while keeping in mind your own well-being as a caregiver!

Home care: a solution to loss of autonomy of the senior

Does a health problem strike without warning and suddenly limit the autonomy of one of your elderly loved ones? Or does the natural aging process make daily tasks more difficult to perform? Know that home care can be an ideal solution to a senior’s loss of independence. Your parent could have the opportunity to remain in the comfort of their own home and still enjoy a high quality of life.

Home care services are varied and can provide assistance in various areas of a senior’s daily life. These services include:

  • health care;
  • help with household chores
  • washing clothes; and
  • assistance with grooming and personal hygiene;
  • accompaniment to outings and medical appointments;
  • mobility assistance;
  • meal preparation;
  • and much more!

It is good to know that government subsidies exist in this regard, including the tax credit for home support for seniors. Find out more about the various home care services offered at Visavie. Despite the loss of autonomy in seniors, we make sure that everyone is treated with the utmost respect. Our professional caregivers advocate human values such as listening, compassion, caring and mutual aid. They will do what is necessary, through home support, to ensure the safety of your elderly loved ones and to ensure their well-being!

Seniors’ residences: an alternative to consider

Loss of autonomy of the senior implies, in most cases, certain compromises or sacrifices. Even if these changes can be difficult to accept at first, they often lead to an even better future. To facilitate the life of a senior who is losing his or her autonomy, residences for seniors represent an alternative to consider.

These residences for seniors offer a safe living environment where a wide range of services are offered. Your elderly parents can benefit from all the necessary care. The staff is trained to meet the needs of the residents. In private residences for seniors, as in CHSLDs, nursing care is often available. There are also services such as pharmacy, hygiene care or meal services for example. The health and well-being of the residents is a priority.

Each residence offers a different level of services and care. There are residences for autonomous, semi-autonomous and non-autonomous seniors. Some establishments are specialized for specific clienteles. For example, if your elderly loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or mental health problems, there are private seniors’ residences that can offer them the necessary assistance.

In conclusion

It is reassuring to remember that there are different options in the event of a loss of autonomy of the senior. First, there is the possibility that a close friend or family member may decide to volunteer as a caregiver. This caregiver then decides to invest time and energy to support the elderly loved one.

Then there is the option of in-home support, which allows the person to benefit from assistance with a wide variety of activities and tasks of daily living. In-home care allows the senior to remain in the comfort of their own home while continuing to receive appropriate care. And finally, there is the possible transition to a senior’s residence. This is sometimes the best alternative when a senior is losing his or her independence. You just have to take the time to choose carefully to find the best residence for your needs.

To do this, Visavie offers you a support service that is accessible at all times. You can therefore take advantage of our advice to make an informed decision for the greater happiness of your elderly loved ones. We always have their health and safety at heart, while allowing them to maintain maximum autonomy.