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Ask the Right Questions to your Retirement Home Counsellor

Questions to your Retirement Home Counsellor
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Choosing the right seniors’ residence with your retirement home counsellor

You probably know that finding the right home for the elderly can be a long, tedious and exhausting process. The selection tools for residences are rather rudimentary and ultimately not always reliable.

This is where the help of a retirement home counsellor can assist you in this research. The assistance of this professional will allow you to save time, to make an informed decision and especially to find a place of life which corresponds to your needs.

After spending many decades in the family home, sometimes the elderly do not know where to start. How to find the residence that suits my health, my budget, my lifestyle and most importantly, what questions to ask retirement home counsellors. In short, how to make the right choice between all these residences for seniors.

Why not consider home care services?

Home support can also be interesting in many cases. Supported by his family, a professional caregiver and home care, the natural caregiver and the spouse may consider continuing their lives at the family home.

You understand that it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of all the solutions and avenues available to you before making your decision.

Here are some key questions you should ask your retirement home counsellor at your first meeting.

What are the costs of using the services of a Retirement Home Counselor?

The services offered by the counsellors are completely free. This support is free of charge from the first contact until the signing of the lease. The goal of the counsellor is to find a residence that meets your needs exactly. It is the administration of the residence that the elderly will have selected that will pay the consulting agency.

Can you tell me about your agency’s track record and your experience?

Do not hesitate to ask your retirement home counsellor for personal and professional experience. Also, ask him or her to tell you more about his or her agency. It is important to make sure that you develop a relationship with a renowned company that has a good reputation. This informal discussion will help you get to know your counsellor and the company that person represents.

This step will help you develop a relationship of trust with the person who will accompany you throughout this process. For example, Visavie has already helped more than 150,000 families in Quebec and Ontario choose the retirement home that best suits their needs.

We had a first meeting with the retirement home counsellor. What happens next?

Ask your retirement home counsellor to tell you the steps that will follow this first meeting. This information will allow you to better plan the sequence of things. You can also ask your counsellor if they offer other services such as emergency placement, family conciliation and help and home care services.

Is the seniors’ residence counsellor familiar or acquainted with my area?

This question is important. The retirement home counsellor you have chosen must be very familiar with the region he serves. In fact, these people must be true experts and know the offer of residences for seniors in the area you are looking for.

It is this in-depth knowledge of one’s environment and needs that will enable the counsellor to find the home that best suits your needs. It’s important that you do not take these steps lightly, it’s your new environment.

Are the services offered by the agency personalized?

Of course, a good retirement home counsellor must provide you with personalized services. It’s the key to success. It is also what will allow you to develop a relationship of trust with your counsellor.

Once your counsellor has assessed your needs and has the necessary information in hand, he will submit a list of the selected residences he will visit with you. Once again, your home retirement counsellor is there to help you through this process. He will answer all your questions, stay in touch with you and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Visavie has already worked with more than 150,000 families and seniors. Counsellors present in most regions of Quebec and Ontario are permanently trained by a team whose mission is the well-being and quality of life of seniors.