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Independent Living Residences: What you need to know

résidences pour personnes âgées autonomes
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Even when fully independent, it is possible for a senior to enjoy the benefits of a supervised, stimulating and safe living environment. It is for all these reasons that independent living residences exist. Are you retired and want to simplify your life? It is possible to benefit from a housing solution that offers you comfort and well-being while maintaining your independence!

What is an independent senior?

First of all, it is important to agree on a short definition of an independent senior. A senior over 65 years of age or older and wish to maintain a maximum of independence in all your daily activities. Thus, a senior is considered independent if he or she can perform all of his or her daily tasks without assistance.

As an example, here is a short list of daily activities that an independent senior should be able to do on his own:

  • eat well and be able to cook a meal;
  • be able to dress and undress without outside help;
  • maintain good personal hygiene on their own;
  • to move around without great difficulty within the apartment;
  • be able to leave the home quickly in case of an emergency (such as a fire alarm ringing).

Independent Living Residences : our definition

So, by definition, a residence for independent seniors is especially adapted to the elderly clientele described earlier. Do you have a senior loved one who is still in full possession of his or her means and who simply wishes to live in a dynamic and safe environment? Choosing an independent seniors’ residence is undoubtedly the best housing solution for him or her!

The independent seniors’ housing units make it possible to combine several services in the same place:

  • common kitchen or meal preparation assistance ;
  • security system and surveillance
  • cultural, sports and recreational activities
  • transportation services ;
  • housekeeping ;
  • as well as many other services adapted to the needs of autonomous seniors who are still in full control of their physical and psychological abilities.

Are you looking for independent living residences and don’t know where to start? Take advantage of the valuable recommendations of our Visavie advisors. It’s absolutely free! You will then be put in touch with caring and warm people who truly care about the well-being of seniors.

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Choosing a private independent living residence: its advantages

Choosing to live in a private residence for independent seniors has many advantages. Here are four of the main reasons that influence the decision of independent seniors to live in a residence.

A wide range of activities and recreation

Even if you are still in good shape, you may want to consider living in a private seniors’ residence! Indeed, this housing solution offers the possibility of enjoying a ton of activities on a daily basis. And this, as much on the cultural level as on the sports level! Having fun and staying in shape can therefore remain priorities for retirees living in a residence for independent living.

Here are a few examples of recreational activities available in some seniors’ residences across Quebec and Ottawa:

  • swimming pool ;
  • a gym or training room
  • bowling alleys and billiard rooms
  • petanque courts;
  • dance classes;
  • movie theater ;
  • library ;
  • and much more depending on the environment chosen!

An ideal opportunity to socialize

Through sports and cultural activities, there are many opportunities to socialize with others. In addition to interactions during leisure activities, social relationships are also promoted during gatherings for meals, for example. Living in a seniors’ residence therefore helps limit the risks associated with the isolation of seniors. The objective is to allow everyone to benefit from a pleasant, lively and dynamic living environment in which each resident feels comfortable!

A safe and reassuring environment

Moving to a residence for independent seniors also means choosing a safe environment and avoiding many worries. The presence of qualified personnel on site, assistance in case of emergency and camera surveillance equipment are just a few examples of the importance given to security in private seniors’ residences. This aspect is reassuring for both the residents and their families and loved ones who will not have to worry about the well-being of their loved ones.

Choosing a certified residence: a guarantee of quality

In Quebec, standards have been put in place to ensure the conformity of seniors’ living environments. A private residence for seniors must meet certain important criteria to be considered “certified”. Choosing a certified residence means ensuring a certain quality for your home.

In Ontario, the RHRA provides the expertise and oversight to protect the safety, security, and rights of more than 60,000 retirement home residents.

In short, choosing a residence for independent seniors means choosing an environment that offers a multitude of services adapted to the needs of retirees who can perform their daily activities without difficulty. Whether it’s for the activity and recreation options, the safe living environment offered or the importance of socialization even in retirement age, private seniors’ residences are an ideal solution.

If you are looking to find the best seniors’ residence for you, don’t hesitate to call on Visavie’s experienced advisors. They will be happy to walk you through the process so that you can find the living environment that best suits your personal needs and tastes.

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