Emergency placement in a seniors' residence

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Demystifying Parkinson’s disease: early signs and progression

Affecting approximately 1% of the population aged over 65, and almost 10% of seniors above 80 years old, Parkinson’s disease can fairly be described as a significant medical condition, deserving our full attention. To help you better understand this disorder, here are a few aspects to help demystify Parkinson’s disease, from its early signs to…

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Parkinson’s disease: 7 tips to improve the quality of life for seniors

Parkinson’s is unfortunately one of the most common neurodegenerative diseases in the population, particularly among the elderly. Although such a diagnosis is always difficult to accept, we believe it is important to be properly informed to manage this challenging condition. Whether for yourself, or for an elderly relative living with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease,…

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Thumb Tremors in Seniors : causes and solutions

While it may be worrying at first sight, thumb tremor in seniors is actually not always a sign of a problem or pathology. In fact, there are many different types of tremors, all linked to different causes. Stressful situations, for example, can trigger an involuntary movement of the thumb for some people. In which cases,…

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Age-related diseases: some resources close to you

Did you know that, according to recent statistics, Canada is home to almost 10,000 centenarians ? While the majority of seniors consider themselves generally happy and healthy, the fact remains that an aging population implies new realities. As we age, risk factors for a number of chronic conditions increase. Thankfully, solutions exist to deal with…

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La sclérose en plaques chez les aînés

Multiple sclerosis in seniors: a day-to-day challenge

Known as an unpredictable disease, often punctuated by ups and downs, multiple sclerosis in seniors represents a real daily challenge for many. To live better with this health condition, it is useful to understand what multiple sclerosis is and the impact it can have on elderly suffering from it. At Visavie, our team is dedicated…

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5 types of dementia: how to recognize them

5 main types of dementia: what are they? As we age, it is normal to be concerned about some health conditions. Dementia is certainly on that list. Thankfully, solutions exist to help people living with any form of dementia maintain maximum well-being and quality of life daily. By a better understanding of these different cognitive…

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Hypertension in seniors: Understanding to prevent

High blood pressure in seniors: better understanding for better prevention Did you know that hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, is one of the main reasons for medical visits year after year? And that it is unfortunately the leading cause of many cardiovascular diseases? High blood pressure in seniors is a serious issue that…

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Autism in seniors

Autism in seniors : understand and respect their rights

Although autism is better known among children and adolescents, this condition can also affect adults at any age. No matter the stage of life, a diagnosis of autism means learning to deal with daily life in a different way. Autism in seniors does come with its unique set of challenges, involving the elderly themselves as…

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