How to Choose Between Retirement Home or Home Care?

How to Choose Between Retirement Home or Home Care?
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Retirement Home vs. Home Care. What is best?

The choice between retirement home or home care can sometimes be difficult. Your relatives or yourself may be faced with this choice. How to make the right decision and what questions should you ask yourself before making your decision?

In this post, we will try to give you some tips that will help you on this journey. Did you know that 18% of seniors in Quebec choose to live in a seniors’ residence, while the North American average is 8%? Of course, the vast majority of people prefer to continue their lives in the family home. However, it is wise to properly assess your needs or those of your parents.

When thinking about options for housing or home care for seniors, it is important to consider not only current needs but also future needs.

Do your elderly parents need home support services?

As you get older, older people sometimes need help with things like meal planning, grocery shopping and bathing. For example, a loved one may also need more help on a temporary basis. Postoperative care and rehabilitation following a medical procedure may require special help in the short or long term.

For example, an elderly couple where one of the partners has Alzheimer’s disease. In the event that this couple wishes to continue their life at home, it may be necessary to provide appropriate support to help the family caregiver. The professional caregiver will come here to support the family. Of course, the professional caregiver can intervene at the family home or in private residence.

Here are some of the services provided by a professional caregiver when a senior chooses home support:

  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Shopping (grocery store, pharmacy, post office, etc.)
  • Support for pet care
  • Food aid
  • Help with hygiene, bathing, grooming, clothing, and incontinence care
  • Assistance for transfers and mobility

The family cannot handle all the care needs. There are only 24 hours in a day and you must not only take care of your relatives but also of your family and of course, continue your work.

Home care services can start with a few hours a week and evolve over time, depending on the needs of your parents. Getting help is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it means that you care enough about the health and safety of your loved ones.

Do not forget to help your parents cope with the loss of independence. Encourage them to stay active, maintain relationships with friends and family.

Do your parents like to socialize but do not want to travel to meet their friends?

Even if your parents love to socialize, as they get older, friends or family may not be as close as they used to be. In addition, if your relatives can no longer drive and do not have access to public transportation, they can quickly become isolated and confined to their home.

In this case, it may be wise to consider selling the house and moving to a retirement home. For the family and parents, this choice combines both security and maintenance of an active social life for the parents.

Does your mother or father live alone and home maintenance becomes a source of stress?

Does one of your parents live alone and the house is too big and the expenses for the house are high? In addition, some health problems may make it difficult to manage tasks such as housekeeping and grounds maintenance. In this case, it may be appropriate to discuss with your parent the possibility of moving into a seniors’ residence.

Here are some free services that you would have access to when a senior chooses to live in residence:

· Use the help of a Retirement Home Advisor who will accompany them throughout the residency selection process

  • Identify the needs of the person or the couple
  • Presentation of the first selection of residences during a meeting at your home
  • Accompaniment when visiting the selected residences allowing you to receive the advice of an expert used to evaluate and choosing retirement homes for the elderly


As you can see, the choice between living in a seniors’ residence or home care requires reflection and encourages questioning. It is important to evaluate not only your current needs but also the future needs of your parents. Do not hesitate to talk to your relatives about these questions, but also to your brothers and sisters.

In addition, the team at your local CLSC can also help you in your process. If you have already identified possible solutions, Visavie will also be able to assist you with home care services or looking for a seniors’ residence.

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