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Housing solutions for seniors: the Groupe Maurice podcast

hébergement pour personnes âgées
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The aging of the population is a major issue in Quebec and in Canada and it is essential to rethink our housing solutions for seniors.

Our seniors are an important part of our society, but we don’t talk about them enough or listen to their opinions. Seniors are increasingly marginalized in society and often feel isolated. Visavie, through Louis Sirois, Visavie’s CEO, is very proud to have participated in Groupe Maurice’s first podcast on housing solutions for seniors. By sitting down with an expert and a senior for each episode, Luc Maurice hopes to give a voice to retirees and address their issues by tackling a specific topic each time.

Housing solutions for seniors

In Quebec, seniors are facing a major problem. While they are getting older and fewer in number, the demand for long-term care services is increasing. Quebec’s aging population will soon be larger than that of France or Germany! Today, more than one million people over the age of 65 live in this province. By 2031, it is estimated that there will be more than 1.8 million seniors living here… That’s almost one in four Quebecers!

With this huge demographic shift on the horizon, it’s important for all of us to understand what seniors’ residences are and how they can provide a safe environment where residents can live their lives at their own pace.

Episode 4: Housing

In Episode 4 of “Dans quelques aînés”, Louis Sirois and Luc Maurice, along with retiree Diane Gagnière, share their thoughts on how to meet this growing demand for care while providing high quality services at a reasonable cost. The reality is that the baby boomers are aging and there will be more and more seniors needing care. This week’s podcast is well worth a listen if you are looking for practical advice or simply want to learn more about the needs of seniors in Quebec.

To hear what they have to say about how to meet the needs of our seniors, listen to episode 4 of “Dans quelques aînés”: Housing.

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