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Home Care : Presence at Night

A home support service for a reassuring presence at night and a safe accompaniment for the elderly and their loved ones.

A comforting solution

Staying at home after retirement age has many benefits. However, it can also be worrisome to know that an elderly loved one who is so dear to us may not have the assistance needed in the middle of the night. Indeed, at night, the loss of reference points can be frequent for the elderly. This sometimes leads to anxiety, sleep disorders, risks of accidents or falls. In these circumstances, a human presence at home is sometimes reassuring for the person being cared for as well as for those around him.

Our home care service for a presence at night exists for this purpose! This accompaniment is meant to be reassuring, as much for the elderly person as for his or her entourage. The presence of our caregivers will allow everyone to sleep well and safely.

La présence de nuit une solution réconfortante pour les personnes âgées
La présence de nuit une solution réconfortante pour les personnes âgées

Peace of mind and security

Our professional caregivers keep a constant watch and remain at the senior’s side to ensure his or her comfort and well-being. The nightly presence is a service that is not limited to a watch. It also consists of securing all the movements of the person. The caregiver can also proceed with the change of protection, if necessary. Finally, all of our caregivers are trained in techniques to prevent falls when getting up and going to bed at night.

At Visavie, our home support services are available according to your needs. Our hours are flexible and can be adjusted to your needs. Whether it’s for full-time or part-time home care for seniors, day or night, our professional caregivers can be there for your elderly parents. Our goal is to provide our clients and their families with well-deserved peace of mind.

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