Emergency placement for seniors in a retirement home

Home Help Services for Seniors: A Reassuring Presence

A caring presence and human support to help fight against loneliness.

Fighting against loneliness

A fulfilling relationship life is one of the main factors in our personal development. We also know that seniors are feeling more and more lonely. Being surrounded, being able to talk and share, has an important and especially positive impact on their mental and physical health.

This is why the development of seniors is at the heart of our commitment. Our professional caregivers have the mission to break their isolation and are happy to share moments of pleasure with your loved ones through various activities.


Une présence bienveillante pour personnes âgées
Faire les courses avec une personnes âgée

A human support

Calling on a professional caregiver is the possibility of maintaining quality social relationships. Whether it is a visit to the hairdresser or going shopping at the supermarket, by their presence and accompaniment, the caregiver encourages and facilitates these activities. They bring security and presence to the elderly, while taking into account their abilities.